On board the Emerald Princess

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to have a day visit on board the Emerald Princess, along with a number of other Soton Bloggers. I used to work in maritime security and have been on plenty of naval ships back in my Sea Cadet days but I have never been on board a cruise ship before and living so close to Southampton, I couldn’t not take the opportunity.

What is the Emerald Princess?

Launched in 2007, Emerald Princess is one of the largest cruise ships in the Princess fleet. She offers nearly 900 balcony staterooms from which to take in the colorful sunrise over the ocean, or capture a breathtaking sunset sail-in to a romantic city like Venice. Leisurely days spent onboard in the Piazza-style atrium are relaxing and entertaining, with the nearby International Café and Vines wine bar fulfilling your cravings for warm cookies, toasted paninis, and even hand rolled sushi. Whether you’re getting refreshed with a work-out in the fitness center or putting your feet up at Movies Under the Stars®, your experience on Emerald Princess is sure to be unforgettable. (Source: Emerald Princess website).

On board ship

Upon boarding the ship, we were welcomed with refreshments of drinks and nibbles. Unfortunately we only had a few hours on board as the ship was getting ready to leave for Las Palmas, but we did get to see plenty of what the ship had to offer!

Nightclub & casino names.

This included swimming pools, restaurants, different deck levels to relax on, art galleries, shops, theatres, casinos, sports areas, etc. There are even day care centres for children to play and socialise so there is literally something for everyone. Having a look at how extravagant the ship was, it felt like being on a modern day Titanic.

I couldn’t not snap a photo of the casino and nightclub names being a fan of both Star Wars and The Great Gatsby.

We even got to have a look behind the scenes in the galleys and listen to how the chef’s prepare the food for a full ship. After our tour of the ship, we were greeted to a three course meal; the staff were very accommodating to our dietary requirements and were literally so friendly and lovely, they just couldn’t help us enough.

What seems fantastic about a cruise ship is that there is literally something for everyone whatever your age. I had always thought of cruise ships as being more of an older person’s thing but if anything this visit has certainly proven me wrong on that thought. You could literally just spend your whole holiday on board the ship and never leave at any of its destination stops.

I want to save up now and have a nice holiday on board a cruise ship!

Have you been on board a cruise ship or would you like to have a holiday on one?


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