In need of a friction free razor?


When I attended the Bloggers Festival last month, one of the brands I spoke to was Friction Free Shaving. A relatively new company, they specialise in razors exclusively aimed at females due to a lack of variation in comparison to men’s razors. FFS not only aim provide decent quality razors but also at a completely affordable price, starting from £3 a month including postage and packaging. They have three different types varying in quality and depending upon what you can afford monthly.


As you can see above, this is a screenshot from the Friction Free Shaving website with the selection of razors you can choose from. At the Bloggers Festival, I was given a free trial box of the mid range £5 Frankie razor to see what I thought. Other than the price, the difference between them is to do with the number of blade heads, quality and colour of the razor.

What did I think?

The razor comes packaged in a little box that can be delivered straight to your front door. It includes the razor and four heads. As you can see, each razor blade has been allocated for a set week in order to remind you to change it weekly. The box even includes a little poem edited from Craig David’s 7 Days song to remind you to change it weekly. Not only is this a great reminder but it also gets you singing the song in that tune (Well it does me anyway!).

I’m going to be honest and say that I don’t spend a lot of money investing in decent quality razors as I simply buy whatever’s cheap or on offer. I’m quite lazy when it comes to shaving as I don’t see it as a luxury but as a necessity. I’m also not particularly great at remembering to change my razors frequently either as I will quite happily carry on using it until it starts to show signs of rust which is bad, I know!


Just by picking up the razor, you can instantly feel the quality from it and when using it on your legs it actually feels like it’s shaving the hairs and not slicing your legs open (Cheap razors aren’t great!). It leaves your legs feeling soft and smooth and not with chunks missing. Although I did cut myself once using but that was more so to do with me being heavy handed with it. With cheap razors I always find you have to be fairly forceful with them to actually make it feel like it’s getting rid of the hairs. The FFS razor, on the other hand, you do not need to be in the slightest as it will get rid of the hairs with the most gentle stroke.

Would I buy again?

I have actually already signed up to their subscription service as I was so impressed with this razor and for the price. Although I have only ordered the £3 Faye razor rather than the Frankie one I was given as I wanted to see the difference in quality.


Have you tried Friction Free Shaving?
Would you like me to do a post comparing the Faye and the Frankie?


* Although this was gifted to me, all opinions are my own as I like to give honest opinions and reviews.

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