Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas!

If you work during the week like me then you’ve probably already gone out for Halloween at the weekend but if you’re a student, you may be going out tonight. With this thought in mind and if you are stuck for ideas and need something last minute, I thought I would share a few costumes Greg and I have worn over the last few years. Although I have to warn you that some of these the quality of the photos aren’t great depending on where we were or the quality of the phone or camera they were taken on.



I think this was a couples costume idea we did back in 2013 which was a few months after we started going out. This idea was quite simple really; jeans, skirt, shorts, etc then a cheap white top from Primark ripped up slightly and covered in fake blood. Plenty of white face paint and a bit of black eyeshadow around the eyes. This is probably the cheapest idea with the least amount of effort.



Again, I think this was another idea for a second Halloween party we went to back in 2013. Greg is a huge fan of Metal music so wanted to go for the Alice Cooper look. All this needed was black clothing, a lot of black eyeliner/eyeshadow, white face paint and temporary black hair dye.


Mrs Doubtfire

This costume took a bit more effort to make, I found the skirt in a charity shop, the cardigan, scarf and top were from Primark and the glasses were from Amazon but you could probably buy these in Primark or fancy dress shop. Believer it or not that is actually Greg’s real hair. Plenty of temporary white hair dye was used along with my curling tongs to give it a permed effect.

Aerial from the Little Mermaid

Unfortunately I’m not allowed to post any photos of this but I made an Aerial costume for Greg for one Halloween. I bought a green midi skirt from Primark and a green tutu from our local fancy dress shop, took out the elastic and stitched it on to the bottom of the skirt to create a fin. I bought a cheap purple bra from Primark, PVA Glue and glitter and put both of these on the bra to give a bit of a shell bra effect. For the hair, I just bought a long blonde wig and red spray hair dye and sprayed it as I couldn’t actually find a red wig. The amusing thing about this costume was Greg had a large number of girls take a shine to him that night beacuse he was dressed as a woman.


Captain Swan

This was our costume from last year where we did a costume couple as The Dark (Emma) Swan and Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time. All we we really bought was temporary spray in white/black hair dye, jewellery, daggers, hook, jewellery and the cloak I’m wearing. The rest was just our black clothes and my make up. In order to do the make up, I just used photos of the characters for guidance. Black eyeshadow was a must!


Dead Characters

Failing that, if you really are stuck and have no ideas, have a think of your favourite TV shows then dress up as one of your favourite characters… But as the “dead version”. I’ve dressed as “Evil Tinkerbell” before and I know plenty of people that have used a Disney costume they own, zombiefied themselves and gone as a “dead version” of that character.

Have you dressed up for Halloween? 


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