We’re engaged… One year on!

This time last year, Greg and I were enjoying the end of our holiday in Lanzarote where we had spent the majority of our time exploring the island, long walks along the sea front, swimming in the sea, as well as enjoying a beer or two.

Ya know when you’ve been together a couple of years and people joke around about it being time that you got engaged? Yeah, we got a lot of that from people. On our second to last day, were enjoying a couple of beers along the sea front, we were joking about “If we got married…” and who we would invite. I had a sneaky suspicion Greg was going to propose to me soon and that it was his way of subtly seeing if we were on the same page.

After we finished our beers, we started heading back towards the villa to get ready to go out for our evening meal. As Greg still smoked at the time, we had to make a pit stop at one of the tobacco shops. Next door there was a jewellery shop that Greg decided we would have a window browse at “out of interest”. I saw a ring in the window that I pointed out as being pretty. Greg then responded with, “That is a pretty ring. Do you actually wanna get engaged?” My response was, “Umm, okay.” I was thinking, “Really!? Is this really happening!?” People get engaged all the time but I never really think of it happening to me and someone actually wanting to get married to me. We popped into the shop and I tried the ring on. It was the perfect fit! Greg then bought it and said that he would actually properly propose to me the next day as that day was his brother’s wedding anniversary.

We had made plans the next day to go visit the Castillo de san jose and the old capital town Teguise. Greg told me this is where he was going to propose to me but it would be a surprise as to when he was going to get down on one knee. We had a look round the castle and then got to the top to some stunning views of the island. At that exact moment, anyone that had been walking round the top all seemed to disappear somewhere making it the perfect opportunity for Greg to get down on one knee. Being archaeology graduates, getting engaged at the top of the castle, is very fitting for us. I think it was due to nerves but as he got down, he said the generic “Will you marry me?” in a non serious way. To this, I replied with, “Are you actually being serious or just joking?” “Of course I’m being bloody serious!” was his response. Nice one, Izzy. It felt like a very surreal moment. We had to take some selfies obviously and this photo is still my phone back screen profile.

Once we got back to the villa, we told Greg’s family (They were on holiday with us.) the news. They weren’t really surprised as they were expecting it to happen sooner rather than later. We also Facebook messaged our close friends and family to let them know the good news although some older family members had to wait until we got home for a phone call.

That evening, we had meal out with Greg’s family to not only celebrate our engagement but also Greg’s brother and sister-in-law’s first wedding anniversary as well as it being our last night. Greg’s Nan told the staff of both of these celebrations so they gave us flowers as a gift. I still have these flowers as I pressed them in a book. At some point I will get round to framing them!

You might be wondering how our wedding plans are going? Well let me tell you that one year on, we’re still no closer to having the “big day” planned. We have a lot of ideas but until we have saved up an amount of money, nothing will be set in stone for a couple of years but we’re okay with that.


The sudden realisation that he was stuck with me! :p

Do you have any fond memories to share of you and your partner or with a friend?


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