A Weekend in Reading

You may or may not have noticed that I have been inactive on the old social media accounts the last few days. This is due to just wanting a break from social media and visiting my youngest sister for her birthday in Reading as she goes to uni there.

Okay, so I know Reading isn’t particularly exotic but I have decided to include this as a travel post as we explored parts of Reading and seeing as I have only been there once, I thought it fitted in here.

As Flo had lectures Friday afternoon, my other sister Ellie and I drove up to visit her on Friday evening. As it was Flo’s actual birthday, we went out in town to Bella Italia and had several different pizzas to share between us. We decided we were too tired to actually go out and as we had plans to go to Oxford the next day, we decided to go to bed. Saturday was spent in Oxford, so that’s a post for another day!

On Sunday, we decided to explore more of Reading city centre during the day time when the actual shopping centre was open. After we had had a look round the shops and were feeling a little peckish, we decided to grab a bite to eat at Bill’s. Although it’s a chain restaurant, it has a quirky, independent cafe feel to it. Again, we ordered a selection of food to share. Flo also ordered a Pink Lemonade and look how cute it looked!?


After we finished our food, we headed back to Flo’s flat as Ellie had to drive back to Bristol for work the next day. I, on the other hand, had the Monday off so was staying with Flo for another day. Once Ellie had left, Flo and I decided we would go for a walk round campus as the University of Reading campus is situated in its own little bubble with shops, cafes and walks on campus.

I think this is really nice for students, especially freshers who are just trying to find their feet in a new city and new surroundings. Whenever I’m stressed, going for a walk calms me down and what a great place to go for a walk if you feel exactly the same as I do? I’m kind of envious that I never considered Reading as a university option but alas, I have three years to go visit my sister and pretend I’m a student again.


Do you ever go visit your friends or family at university? 

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