Would a BeeBee Cream be Heaven for your skin?*

Have you heard of the Heaven beauty range by Deborah Mitchell?Deborah Mitchell is a skincare expert that creates products designed to prevent skin issues occurring. The brand is popular with the likes of Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton.  Here, I’m trying their BeeBee Cream and here’s what I thought of it…

As you may or may not know, earlier this month I attended the Bloggers Festival and one of the brands that were there was Heaven by Deborah Mitchell.

lebellelavie - Would a BeeBee Cream be Heaven for your skin?*
The packaging the BeeBee Cream comes in.

Who is Deborah Mitchell and the brand Heaven?

Deborah has over 25 years experience and is a qualified teacher in beauty therapy, her skincare range is aimed to help with skincare conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, oily and blemished skin. The Heaven range is all created with natural and organic ingredients and is used by a large number of celebrities. If you want to read more about it then follow the link here.

My skin condition…

After having a chat with the consultants explaining about the product to me and me describing the issues I have with my skin, I was recommended to try the BeeBee Cream. You can get this in three different shades, I was recommended the shade English Rose due to my incredibly pale skin.

Now I don’t know about you, but I suffer from incredibly oily-acne prone-combination skin and it is the bane of my life! I will put make up on in the morning and then by the time I get home from work it has practically melted off of my face or made weird patches that make my skin look incredibly dry and patchy. I get makeup to only last for a certain amount of time and as much as I love my Urban Decay makeup, I feel like it is a waste just simply wearing it in the office so I save this for the weekends. Here is where the BeeBee Cream steps in. I was a little skeptical at first when the consultants were explaining it to me as I thought, “Can it really be that good!?” but when they mentioned a number of celebrities that use it (and I am talking big celebrities here!), I thought, “Well it must be working, surely???” I was told to wear it exactly like any other BB cream, so since receiving it (apart from a couple of odd days here and there) I have been wearing it in place of my usual moisturiser and foundation.

lebellelavie - would a beebee cream be heaven for your skin?*
I use approximately 2-3 pea size amounts (as shown above) to cover my whole face.

What did I think?

So you’re probably wondering what I thought of it? Wow, basically. It is amazing! In further details; I found that the texture of it was non-oily and it only became oily after a good 10 hours of wear. The BeeBee Cream itself is more of a tinted moisturiser than a foundation. I wouldn’t describe it as giving your skin coverage from blemishes but will even out redness. It takes a few days for the cream to actually start clearing your skin up, as I think it took mine about a week and then one morning I woke up thinking, “My skin looks really good today!”

This gave me a confidence boost as for me personally, makeup always gives me that boost for what I consider my facial insecurities and at first, I felt all these securities looming when I started wearing this. Other than eye makeup I was putting a little concealer and powder on top. However, after about two weeks of wearing it, I felt that I didn’t need to and only used powder to set the cream around my eyes. It feels like it actually sinks into the skin too unlike most moisturisers that kind of just sit on the surface of the skin and then create a cesspit of grease throughout the day.

lebellelavie - would a beebee cream be heaven for your skin?*
The sample as shown above showing that one pea-sized amount can cover a reasonable amount of skin. NOTE: This isn’t properly rubbed in so obviously covers a lot more than shown!

It is also very light on the skin and doesn’t leave it feeling dry either. I would thoroughly recommend this for those days you are in a rush or just want to let your skin actually breath. The only downside I will say is that if I go back to wearing foundation for just one day, my skin has broken out with a few blemishes but the BeeBee Cream sorts it out within a couple of days. I haven’t tried it but apparently, you can also wear it to bed. I am one of those people that will never wear makeup to bed and although I am sure it has the same effect on your skin at night, I see this as a daytime skincare product. Although, I would love to know if anyone else has tried this?

lebellelavie - would a beebee cream be heaven for your skin?*
As you can see, it comes with a screw top lid so there is no worry of it falling off and for some unknown reason of it squeezing everywhere.

Would I recommend buying this?

Yes! If you want to give your skin a break from makeup but also moisturise and give it a bit of a healthy glow then this is for you! Although a bottle costs £36 (So isn’t cheap!), what I have been finding with more expensive brands products is that they last so much longer! And the secret to this is the old term “less is more”. Just simply use a pea size amount and a little goes a long way! I feel like this is one of those products you could invest in every few months but I am more than happy to let you know when I finish the bottle. 

Have you tried the Heaven skincare range? 

* Although this was gifted to me, all opinions are my own as I like to give honest opinions and reviews.

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