#Acne101 with Eudelo & Dr. Stefanie Williams

I was invited to the #Acne101 event which was hosted by Eudelo. This included talks from Em Ford, from My Pale Skin, and skin specialist, Dr Stefanie Williams. We even were given facials and a full analysis of our skin conditions.

lebellelavie - #Acne101 with Eudelo & Dr. Stefanie Williams

Last week, I was invited to the #Acne101 event; seeing as I have oily/combination skin and the invitation description gave the impression that it was to help combat acne issues, I couldn’t not take the opportunity to attend. The event was held at Eudelo in Vauxhall, so it was a hop on the train after work for me. The event included talks from Dr Stefanie Williams and Em Ford from My Pale Skin but as I didn’t finish work until 5pm and the event started 6pm sharp, I did, unfortunately, miss these. Although I still enjoyed the evening as it was nice catching up and meeting new bloggers. While we were waiting for our consultations, we were offered a selection of drinks and food.

The rest of the evening consisted of the following:

  • Consultation Station with Dr Stefanie Williams – meet and discuss your skin with leading and world-renowned dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams, who has years of experience treating acne.
  • The Skincare Station – Talk to Dr Stefanie Williams’ team and receive a personalised skin care regime, with products from NeoStrata.
  • The Colour-Matching Station – Meet and discuss acne concealing tips with celebrity MUA Scarlett Burton and test Oxygenetix Acne Control Foundation to find your shade to take home
  • The Treatment Station – Book in for a 30-minute acne-busting Hydrafacial with members of Dr Stefanie Williams’ team.

Who is Eudelo?

Eudelo is a private clinic, based in Vauxhall, specialising in dermatology and skincare. The clinic also offers a number of other treatments and consultations. If you would like to read more then click here.

What did I think of the evening?

Sadly, I didn’t take any photos at the event as I was an idiot and forgot my camera. Despite this I found the event really beneficial as although I wouldn’t describe my skin as being overly acne prone, I do have oily/combination skin and a few spots on a regular basis. Having experts explain to you what issues your skin has and how to try and prevent these issues is a massive confidence boost that there are ways to beat and overcome acne.

Firstly, I was given a foundation match. Due to my pale, pinkish skin tone, I was matched with a pink toned foundation in the shade Pearl. There was a yellower toned shade that was tested on my skin but it didn’t sink in and match my skin as well as the Pearl shade. I was given the choice as to which shade I wanted and obviously, I went with the Pearl shade. The foundation sets well on the skin, giving a kind of matte finish and has the bonus of being oil/spot controlling. Despite being described as a tinted moisturiser it gives reasonable overall coverage and has a lightweight finish. I am currently enjoying wearing this.

lebellelavie - #Acne101 with Eudelo & Dr. Stefanie Williams

I was then given a 30-minute Hydrafacial. Prior to the facial, I explained my skin type and any allergies I may have had to the Doctor and she then gave me advice on how I can combat my problem areas. She then explained what the facial consisted of which was basically giving my face a thorough cleanse and cleaning my pores. Once the facial was complete, my skin felt the freshest it’s been in I don’t know how long!

lebellelavie - #Acne101 with Eudelo & Dr. Stefanie Williams

It was then on to discussing my skin problems with one of the consultants. Once I had described my skin problems to her and she could see the issues I suffer with; I was given a number of products to help combat this, along with instructions explaining to use what products at specific times of the day. I then had a consultation with Doctor Stefanie Williams, herself. As well as giving me a number of other products, she also gave me a prescription for acne medicinal creams to hopefully combat those pesky spots still prominent on my face.

lebellelavie - #Acne101 with Eudelo & Dr. Stefanie Williams

It was then time for us all to head home but not without being given a goodie bag. This contained information on Eudelo, Dr Stefanie’s book and a number of other products. I can’t remember which exactly as I was given a large number of products that I placed into the bag. All of which I am eternally grateful for.

lebellelavie - #Acne101 with Eudelo & Dr. Stefanie Williams

Would I recommend Eudelo?

Although treatments aren’t cheap, yes I would. They are incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and so very helpful. If you have issues with your skin then they are definitely worth consulting.

Do you have problem skin and how do you deal with it?

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