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I first came across Bodychef* at the Bloggers Festival back in September. A couple of weeks back, I was contacted by them to trial a box to see what I thought to which I obviously said yes. As you may or may not know, I actually do Slimming World to try and rid the weight gained from my dissertation (Yup, who would believe eating biscuits and drinking Lucozade with virtually no exercise for five months would do that to you!?). Despite being quite into my health and fitness, I never really focus much on it on the blog and for once it was quite nice having this opportunity.

Who are Bodychef?

Is a question you might be thinking. Bodychef is a food delivery box that is delivered right to your door, on either Tuesdays or Fridays. This specific box was delivered to me on Friday, starting with a meal on Friday evening right through until Tuesday lunchtime. In order to sign up up for Bodychef, you have to fill in a number of details for them to create a diet plan specifically for you that’s based on your height, weight, size, etc. You can also select which kind of food groups you want your box to be aimed towards. As I’m vegetarian, I obviously selected a vegetarian box and as I previously mentioned that I do Slimming World, I chose a slimming box rather than a healthy eating eating box. The company is endorsed by a number of celebrities and is aimed at those with a busy work and life schedule so is perfect for those that don’t have a lot of time to prepare food but still want to eat healthily. If you get bored of your food, you can change your plan and still eat on track.

Screenshot from the Bodychef website of an example of one days food


What did I think?

I’ve created a video of a sort of food diary/mash up of my first impressions of each meal I ate, so I won’t speak in too much detail about each meal. I enjoyed all of the meals it contained but the only one I wasn’t particularly keen on was the bean stew. It’s not that it wasn’t particularly nice, I think it was more that I had lived off a bean chilli for a week prior to eating this and having the first meal contain beans wasn’t particularly appetising. Having said that though, I really enjoyed the rest of the food. The yoghurts tasted really creamy, the food tasted like it was all freshly made and was set out in specific portion sizes for the exact calorie amount I was to eat daily.

One of my lunch options

As I like to be completely honest when giving reviews, the only criticism I have is as the box is calorie controlled I found I got hungry quite frequently. This is probably due to me doing Slimming World as as long as the food is free then you can snack on it and I think my body would need a couple of weeks to entirely adapt to the diet regime. However, if I could budget the box into my weekly budget then I would definitely trial it for longer as despite enjoying cooking, I never have time to cook and do everything I want to on weekday evenings. This would be a great way of dealing with this dilemma and not worrying about eating unhealthy foods.

My pudding option for Saturday night


If you want to have a specific look at the food I ate, take a look at the video below or why not check out Bodychef?

Have you tried any food boxes? 

*Although this product was sent to me for free, I like to give honest reviews.

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