Taco Bell Live Mas VIP Pre-Launch Party Southampton

You may have seen me tweeting on Twitter recently about eating Taco Bell this week, this was due to being invited to the pre-launch party. Taco Bell, originally from America, is a fairly new chain to the UK. They are primarily located in the north and London, so the store in Southampton is the first store opening South/South West of London. Being a fan of tacos and also being intrigued to try their food, I couldn’t resist accepting the invitation.I was allowed to bring a plus one so I obviously took
Greg as he loves tacos more than I do (He would be upset if I didn’t).

The event

The restaurant was so crowded and had over a thousand people talking about it on social media. The staff brought out samples of food from the menu and if you requested specific food they were more than happy to bring you a portion. Not only were there soft drinks available with free refills, they also offer a selection of bottled beers. For the pre launch party only, they included a slushy machine that was serving alcoholic slushies with the flavours Blue Raspberry Vodka and Tequila.

There was also a photobooth, so Greg and I obviously got a photo.

The food

There was plenty of food being offered from the menu by staff walking round serving it and if you hadn’t been offered anything you wanted, all you needed to do was ask a member of staff for it and they would go and bring it out for you. If you needed anything, the staff were all incredibly friendly and helpful. Although the majority of the food that Taco Bell has to offer has meat in it there is enough food on the menu for vegetarians to find something to eat so I had no issues. As I tried a vast amount of the food Taco Bell had to offer, I decided to do a brief review on everything which you can read below:


Mexican Cheesy Fries were my favourite food on offer but I’m slightly biased in that sense as I love chips. Although these weren’t just any ordinary fries as they were covered with sweet Mexican paprika and doused in a cheese sauce. They were so very mourish and if you love fries, paprika and cheese, what’s not to love? The cheesy nachos were also covered in this sauce and as much as I enjoyed these, I found that they were a bit hard on my teeth. Although it wouldn’t stop me from eating them again but I think that they had just been left on the hot rack for a little too long. Greg and I also received a Quesadilla to share. As these usually have meat in, we asked for a vegetarian version to which they offered as a cheese option. This tasted amazing as it was so cheesy. As an alternative to the standard burritos, I was offered one with beans. Although I enjoyed it, if given the choice of the other vegetarian options I probably wouldn’t buy it due to eating a lot of chilli when I’m poor so I’m not really a big fan of eating beans. I was also given a vegetarian taco to try which contained salad and cheese. If you’re a fan of meat then it may sound a little boring but as a vegetarian option, I found it incredibly tasty.


Taco Bell also offer a selection of sweet food choices. Greg and I both had churros and I also had the new KitKat Quesadilla. Personally, I much preferred the churros as I found the Quesadilla a little peculiar tasting seeing as I had just eaten it as a savoury food. As it was served warm, the KitKat had melted inside it and tasted like chocolate spread, so if you’re a big fan of chocolate spread this may be one for you! The churros, on the other hand, was amazing! I’m a huge fan of churros and these tasted like they had the right amount of sugar and cinnamon. It also came with a chocolate sauce but I wasn’t too keen on that.


Greg’s thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening; the staff were always polite and friendly and the food tasted amazing.

I enjoyed the fries and they tasted amazing with or without the cheese sauce. Although I did enjoy the nachos, I found that they were a bit hard for my liking but this wouldn’t stop me from ordering them again though. The hard shell tacos were absolutely delicious but be prepared that these are quite messy to eat! The burritos are also divine. Out of the sweet options, I love churros, so much preferred these as the KitKat Quesadilla was nice but wasn’t really for me. I’m not really a fan of chocolate flavoured food.

Although we had the opportunity to try everything, I just couldn’t eat it all. However, I am definitely going to go back and try more of the food that Taco Bell has on offer.



Goodie bag

As we were leaving the event, we were handed a tote bag each. This contained a stress toy, vouchers, travel mug, and a note pad and pen.

Would I go back and recommend?

Yes, most definitely! In fact, Greg and I already did last Friday as we enjoyed it so much. So if you’re in Southampton, definitely make sure you check out Taco Bell!

Have you tried Taco Bell? 

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