Three powders perfect for pale skin

Being very fair-skinned and a combination of dry and oily skin can make it relatively hard to find powders that work well for me. So here are three from MUA, Urban Decay and Rimmel that I find work well with my skin…

lebellelavie - Three powders perfect for pale skin

Being a pasty white gal with an oily combination skin tone, I have three powders I use on a regular basis to set my make up.

lebellelavie - Three powders perfect for pale skin

MUA Hydro Powder

This is hands down my favourite and most used powder and seeing as it only costs £3 it’s not exactly going to break the bank. The powder has a velvety texture to it and sets foundation really well. I tend to use a stifling brush to dust the powder all over to set my make up and when paired with a decent setting spray it can last for hours. The powder is transparent in colour so there’s no need for us pale gals to worry about it turning our faces orange. It doesn’t set in a cakey-like either and even without a setting spray will last the majority of the day when I’m at work which is always a good thing in my books. I quite often just wear this on my skin for work and it leaves a nice, natural-looking coverage and covers any blemishes that I may have without causing any further breakouts.

lebellelavie - Three powders perfect for pale skin


Rimmel has a variety of powders which I’ve never quite figured out the difference between so would quite often switch between two specific powders. For years, these were always my go-to powders as Rimmel doesn’t tend to cause breakouts on my skin and nor does it turn my skin into some kind of orange shade. These two powders are the Stay Matte Pressed and the Clear Complexion.

I’ve always found both powders to be much the same so switch between the two quite often depending upon if Boots/Superdrug contained the palest shade. Although they are pale shades, Rimmel powders tend to have a slight beige tone to their powders. So if you’re reasonably pale but would prefer a bit more of a tint to your skin and that doesn’t make you look even paler, the Rimmel powders are most likely a better option for you.

The only downside to them is that I find they don’t last as long when you suffer from combination/oily skin. Even when worn with a primer, by the end of the working day the powder has formed greasy patches on my forehead. I would rate it as having great coverage and as long as your foundation is blended in properly, it won’t make your skin look cakey. The only downside is that it doesn’t have the best-staying power but for £3.99 you can’t really go wrong.

lebellelavie - Three powders perfect for pale skin

Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder

When a beauty product has the words “mattify” included in its description it always grabs my attention and this Urban Decay powder was no exception. Although this is more of what I would describe as a higher end powder it’s the only one I have so I thought I would include it. I must admit that I haven’t really ever experimented with a lot of brand’s powder or foundation as I’m always petrified it’s going to make me look like the colour of a satsuma. In my mind, there’s nothing worse than your foundation not matching your skin tone.

For my graduation last year, I decided to treat myself to some higher end branded makeup and having been impressed with the Urban Decay items I already owned, I decided to play it safe and go for a brand I felt slightly familiar with. Much like the MUA powder, this UD powder is a translucent shade which states it’s designed for all skin shades. Having exceedingly pale skin myself, I can’t actually confirm if this is true but I can confirm that the colour of it works well for those that have incredibly pale skin. The powder’s texture has more of a drier, dust kind of feel to it in comparison to MUA’s. But despite this, it doesn’t dry your skin out and sets really well. Like most Urban Decay products this powder sets for hours! When I wore it on my graduation from 6am until 3am the next morning, it did not budge or even need touching up at all. I can honestly say that it held incredibly well. This powder also contains a compact mirror and a sponge which is always useful in the event of having to touch up makeup.

Out of the three, I would choose the Urban Decay powder but seeing as it costs £18 and if you’re on a budget, I wouldn’t describe it as ideal to use as an everyday go-to powder. I personally save it as my “special occasions/going out” powder so that I know I have a powder that I can rely on to last. With this thought in mind, I tend to use MUA as it does the job and doesn’t break the bank. On average, I usually buy a new powder once a month so it literally works out as paying 75p a week.

What powders do you use? 

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