The festivity of Eastleigh

If you live in the Hampshire area, you may or may not have heard of Eastleigh. It is a small town situated in between Winchester and Southampton and is currently my hometown. Chances are, if people ask where you live they are unlikely to have heard of it so you just end up saying you live in Southampton or Winchester. I tend to say Southampton while Greg being the Wintonian boy that he is will always still say we live in Winchester.


Unfortunately I missed the initial light switch on as I was busy doing something (I can’t actually remember what though) but as I was on my walk home from the train station one evening, I decided to pop to Tesco to get some chocolate as I was feeling miserable due to the pain of my swollen foot (No idea what’s happened to it!). Although I pop in to town on a regular basis at the weekends, I always go during the day so I hadn’t seen the lights at night before.


Not only do he lights brighten up Eastleigh and give it some festive spirit but they are really pretty and tasteful. The shop cover walkways are covered in fairy lights and there are also lights hung up from the lamp posts and some lights casting star shadows on the pavements. There is a Christmas tree situated in the centre of town by the recreation ground that I would estimate as being around 10 feet tall.


Maybe I haven’t seen enough of Hampshire to judge but everywhere always seems to have such beautiful and tasteful Christmas lights.

What do you think of your local Christmas lights?


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