6 Films to get you in the Christmas Spirit

Do you sometimes feel no matter how close it’s getting to Christmas that you’re just not in the mood? Yeah, this was me when I worked in retail. So if I’m ever feeling like a bit of a Scrooge I tend to watch Christmas movies to get me in the festive spirit. Here I’ve collated a list of my favourites for you to enjoy as well.

Jack Frost

Probably one of my favourite childhood Christmas films that we always used to watch every Christmas when we were little. The film is about musician not spending enough time with his son as he’s too focused on his music. While driving home one night he unfortunately dies in a car accident due to bad weather causing him to crash. He then is given a second chance to spend more time with his son by coming back as a snowman. I just rewatched the trailer which you can see below. It now looks so ’90s but I still think of it fondly!


Die Hard

Okay, so it’s not the first film that springs to mind when you think of Christmas (Or maybe it is as it’s always Greg’s favourite.) but the film is set on Christmas Eve. It also has Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman and is now incredibly ’80s, so what’s not to love? It’s not Christmas after all until you’ve seen Alan Rickman aka Hans Gruber fall out of a window. The actual film is about a bunch of German terrorists hijacking a building and holding a number of hostages at ransom. In comes Bruce Willis to try and save the day. Do I need to mention any other reasons to watch it? Unfortunately I can’t find a trailer for it.

The Polar Express

It has Tom Hanks in. Okay, that’s not just a reason to watch it but it’s a way to get me to watch a film as I love Tom Hanks. I’m not even kidding, he’s probably my favorite actor alongside Leonardo DiCaprio because if they’re in a film, you know it’s going to be good.  Aaanywaay, back on track. The film starts with a young boy starting to doubt that Father Christmas exists until he boards a train on Christmas Eve that he finds is heading towards the North Pole. Watch the actual film to find out what happens!




I know a lot of people can’t stand Frozen due to the hype that surrounded it. Trust me, it took me a while to getting round to watching it and I love Disney. I’m not quite sure it lives up to the hype it’s given but this a side, it’s a lovely little film and perfect for an afternoon when you want to be all cosy on the sofa.. The film is based on the Snow Queen and there’s no specific villain but focuses more on friendship, loyalty and trust. It also has a great soundtrack and the artwork is one of the most beautiful Disney films.

The Snowman

It’s quite old now and only about 20 – 25 minutes long but this is another film that reminds me of my childhood. When I was a child, I would wake up stupidly early on Christmas morning filled with excitement to get up and open all my lovely presents. As I was always told that I had to wait until my parents were ready to get up and at a more reasonable hour, I would tend to just watch TV as I was too excited to go back to sleep. Quite often I would find the The Snowman on so would watch this to waste time.


The film is completely silent apart from the narrator during the intro and the music. The actual plot is about a young boy’s snowman coming to life on Christmas Eve and taking him on an adventure around the World while being back in time for Christmas morning.



101 Dalmations

There’s two Disney versions of this film; the cartoon one from 1961 and the 1996 live action film starring Hugh Laurie. My favourite is the cartoon version; always has been and always will be. Plus it’s one of my favourite Disney films. The film isn’t primarily set around Christmas but a number of dalmation puppies wanted by the evil Cruella De Vil. I’m sure you already know the rest of the story and if you don’t then you should watch it. If you love dogs then you have no excuse!




What are your favourite Christmas films?


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