Embracing my inner Queen B

Cardigan – Primark | Blouse – Florence & Fred | Skirt – New Look | Tights – Primark | Shoes – Florence & Fred | Headband – Primark

When I say Queen B, I don’t mean Beyonce but from the one and only Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. Although I’ve only been a fan of the show for the last 6 months (I know, I missed out when it was originally aired on TV!) it’s no secret that I have become quite obsessed with it. Firstly, I do apologise for the quality of these photos, I took them late at night in a very small space of my spare room and didn’t have Greg to take them for me resulting in my own improvisation.

I bought this blouse and shoes in Tesco’s Florence & Fred range’s sale as something to wear for my work Christmas meal. I thought that as they both looked very much the style of something that Blair would have worn, I would base it on her style. I therefore paired it with a check monochrome mini skirt, black tights, navy blue cardigan and diamante headband. I did have to wear a white strappy top underneath the blouse as it is incredibly see through to the the same extent a wet white shirt would have so it doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

I tried to go for a Blair style make up look too, seeing as she tends to have a subtle smoky eye that tends to either be brown or grey. I decided to go for a red lipstick as although Blair tends to go for a more natural make up look, she can also be bold with her lips.  As Blair tends to have neat waves in her hair, I just wore my hair in a plait over night then took it out neatly. Although it doesn’t have quite the same effect, unfortunately I didn’t have time to curl my hair and this was the best I could do.

Not only does Blair have a neat and classy fashion style, she is obsessed with vintage Hollywood likewise with me. Using her daytime style as influence for this outfit is perfect for making it look smart but not too evening wear.

What outfits have you been wearing for festive events? 



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