Gift Guide for Bloggers

Notepad – Paperchase | Voucher – | Travel journal – Not on the High Street | Selfie stick – Amazon | Ted Baker gift set – Boots | Plant pots / slogan vase – Shabby Chic

For the majority of people reading my blog, chances are you probably are a blogger and chances are you have already done your Christmas shopping month’s ago. However, in case you’re one of those last minute people that has no idea what to buy people, I thought I would write a post specifically on what to buy for your blogger friends and family.

Rather than create long lists of potential gifts, I thought that I would just through a few suggestions out there with some buying tips that I usually use when buying gifts for people in general. As you can see above, I’ve just listed a few items that I think would appeal to a variety of bloggers.

What do they like?

First off, for any person I’m buying a gift for, I have a think about their hobbies and things they’re up as well as comments on things they like that have come up in conversation. This also applies for when buying gifts for bloggers. Now there are some things that all bloggers are generally going to like such as stationary, camera equipment, vouchers and items that can be used as blog props, as these are quite generic items. Although camera equipment tends to be expensive so it depends upon what your budget is really. Bloggers tend to be creative people so anything that has some kind of photogenic appeal to it they can craft to look good for photos! The alternative with vouchers is that rather than you buy said blogger something that they may or may not like, you could give them a voucher similar to the High Street voucher, that can be used in most high street shops, and they can then decide what to buy themselves. Slogan related items also go down well as they are great motivation when you feel a bit down and mehhh.


Having said that there is one thing to bear in mind when buying blogging relating gifts for said blogger. If you decide to buy a gift along this route, having a look at their blog beforehand or a general idea of what they write about would be useful. Personally, I tend to read a variety of blogs varying from travel, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel and even other niche subjects. A lot of bloggers (Myself included) tend to encompass several different topics into their blogs but their are others that only focus on specific topics. For instance, if you bought a beauty related item and then found out the blogger focused solely on fitness and food (I’m just plucking examples out of the air here), it’s probably going to end up either not being used or used but never featured on their blog.

Although if it’s not featured on their blog it doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t use it but what I’m trying to say that as most people that blog put their hearts and souls into it and due to that you can generally get a clear idea of what that person enjoys, along with all their passions and hobbies.

What items have you bought for any bloggers you know?



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