London Christmas Lights

Last week, along with my brother and one of my sisters, we hopped on the train up to London for the day. As they had come to stay with me for the weekend, they asked if they could go to London for the day and if I would like to come too.

Despite having visited London frequently throughout my life, I’m always up for an adventure in London, exploring different parts I haven’t been to and what people tend to hate about London, I actually quite enjoy. I love exploring the city and I love that it’s busy and that people don’t stop and chat to you as they’re too busy going about about their daily business.

My siblings wanted to go and have a look at the shop Christmas windows of all the big shops such as Harrods and Selfridges. I wasn’t going to say no to this as being some of the most famous and largest shops in the country they have some fantastic displays that must have taken much time and effort to create! Although my siblings did tend to get annoyed with me for the amount of photos I was taking. Oh well.

Not only did the shop windows and displays look beautiful but so did the actual Christmas lights. Although they didn’t look as spectacular during the day, at night they looked phenomenal! I don’t know about you but I think London know how to do their Christmas lights and I guess rightly so considering it is our capital city.

While we were visiting Oxford Street, I quickly popped into the Disney Store to get a present for a friend and totes got a Stormtrooper selfie as I’m that cool… Or not but whatever! Haha. We also went to visit the Victoria & Albert Museum as well as Winter Wonderland but both of those will be coming to a separate post!

Have you seen the Christmas lights in London? 

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