Secret Santa Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year where your employer/club/group of friends, etc might be doing a Secret Santa gift giving. Depending upon how well you know the person you’ve been given it might be hard coming up with ideas on what to give. As a general rule in the Secret Santas’ I’ve taken part in a spending limit is set at £10. With this in mind, I have created a list of products that are within this price range. These range from beauty, coffee, joke, hobbies, candles and movie products. When I buy gifts for people, I always try and think of things that they have mentioned they like or their personality in mind.

How to speak emoji novelty book – £9.99
These are something people use on a regular basis across social media which could be given as a joke gift for someone that doesn’t really understand them.

Funny mug – Another 8 hours pretending to work everyday office mug – £5.95
I work in an office so for my work Secret Santa this would make a great joke gift and it is true that working an office makes you drink a lot of hot drinks. If you work in a different sector then you could always look for something that reflects a joke in your place of work.

Aroma Home Owl Hand Warmers – £10.00
I thought that these were adorable and if you get cold regularly like I do, who wouldn’t appreciate these!?

Gift Stuff Pub Quiz Novelty Gift Set – £2.00
This doesn’t really cost that much at all and is a great gift for social occasions. Everyone loves a good quiz or boardgame at Christmas even if they don’t want to admit it.

Prosecco Handbag Treat – £10
Now I’m no longer a student that gets drunk on Lambrini this is my choice of drink on a night out and at this time of year, who doesn’t like drinking Prosecco? Although if this isn’t a choice of drink that the person you’re buying a gift for enjoys, you could always look for a novelty drink related gift for them. For instance, if it was being bought for Greg then something Whisky related would be perfect!

Faber-Castell Classic 24-Colour Pencils in Metal Tin Box – £6.49
Colouring books are all the craze at the moment and you can pick some up for not very much at all but in order to use the colouring books, you could always buy a nice set of colouring pencils to go with it.

Ted Baker Double The Dazzle! Light Pink – £8
For all beauty lovers these kind of gift sets are perfect for Secret Santas’ and Ted Baker make up is amazing.

Great British Bake Off Colouring Book: With Illustrations From The Series (Colouring Books) – £4.99
As I previously mentioned with the colouring pencils, colouring books are quite the craze at the moment and you can literally buy one that involves any interest. I’ve also seen ones on musicians, cats, soaps, food, films, tv shows, flowers, animals, scenery, etc.

Office Worker Survival Kit Gift – £6.95
This is another office worker related gift. This would be great for someone that doesn’t drink hot drinks or just as an alternative to a mug. Again, you could always find something similar to this depending upon your place of work, etc.

Starbucks Dusting Set – £10
For those that love coffee shop coffees, you can buy Starbucks dusting sprinkle sets or Costa syrups and sets so that they can bring the taste of coffee shop drinks to their own home.

Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb – £9.95
Who doesn’t love a Lush product? They come in such beautiful packaging and are a bit more unique than just generic drugstore products.

All I Got In Secret Santa Novelty Gift Mug – £7.95
A joke mug present for anyone in a Secret Santa. Although I would recommend giving this to someone you know pretty well otherwise it might be seen as slightly offensive.

Holiday Party 5 Votives Gift Set Gift Set – £8.99
For those that are obsessed with candles and seeing as Yankee Candles are a luxurious candle brand that also smells amazing. Gift sets are also a great way for someone to discover which candles they really like and may even purchase a full size.

Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist: The 500 Best Places on the Planet…Ranked – £13.59
For every adventurer and traveller. I’m sure we all work or know someone that’s always off travelling or on an adventure somewhere. I know that this is over the £10 price budget that I set this list with but for someone with travel interests it would make a great gift idea.

FCUK USB & Body Spray Set – £10
If you are really unsure what to get someone, something like a nice body spray gift set might be a great idea. I always appreciate being bought nice gift sets as it gives me the opportunity to try new body sprays and beauty products.

Desktop ping pong – £5.99
Another gift idea if you are unsure on what to get for someone it might make for another fun novelty game.

1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die – £10
You can get these kind of books on anything ranging from films, music, alcohol, etc. You could buy one relating to the interests of the person you’re buying for.


Are you taking part in a Secret Santa? What kind of gift ideas have you had?


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