The timeless beauty of Joan Collins*

Being a big fan of vintage Hollywood, I always love trying new beauty and make up products and that means no exception to the Joan Collins collection. As you may or may not know, Joan Collins is an actress from the “Golden era of Hollywood”. Her beauty collection ranges from skincare, nails and cosmetics and is marketed as a international luxurious beauty brand which I wouldn’t expect anything less with her status.

The beauty collection is labelled as “timeless beauty” as Joan believes that her collection is sophisticated for women of any age. “Beauty is not just for the young. I believe with a little care and attention any woman can look good through her 40’s, 50’s, 70’s and beyond.” – Joan Collins.

Recently I was sent the compact duo lipstick and powder combo and I wasn’t disappointed. All of Joan’s products come in a beautiful gold packaging that gives it a sophisticated and Hollywood glamour feel. Perfect for any girl wanting to give herself some Hollywood glam especially this time of year when people are getting ready for Christmas and New Year’s parties.

The duo comes in a compact tin that is half filled with a little palette of powder and the other half has a holder to keep the lipstick in place. Although the powder is a little beige for my skin  and did make it feel a little dry it does have fantastic staying power! I dusted it over my face at 7am and then it was still relatively in place with minimal shine at 8pm. However, be careful about wearing spot creams etc underneath it as when I dusted it over the top of it it can make your skin look patchy and dry. The powder doesn’t appear to come in a variation of shades but perhaps this is due to being based on Joan’s skin type.

On the other hand, you can buy the compact duo with various shades of lipsticks. Each shade has a name which I believe are named after characters she’s played in her movies (don’t quote me on that but that’s how I understand it). I was given the shade Amanda which is a gorgeous rosy red kind of colour. At first glance, I thought it was going to be more of a nude red but once I swatched it and tried it on it came out a lot brighter than I was expecting. This made me very happy as I have been wanting a red lipstick this of this colour for a while and the fact that it comes in a compact case with powder makes it perfect for both daytime and evening wear.

The lipstick glides on really well and has a creamy texture but if you want a precise and sharp outline I would recommend using a lip pencil. I wouldn’t rate the lipstick’s staying power as well as the powder’s but it still stays on relatively well. When drinking and eating it did transfer but it was still apparent on my lips and just faded into a more pinkish colour. It would last approximately two to three hours before I felt that it needed reapplying and it didn’t leave my lips feeling dry either. In fact it was quite the opposite as it made them feel quite nourished. When I wear lipsticks I tend to have to wear Vaseline underneath to stop them from drying out while with this lipstick I didn’t need to once.

If reds aren’t really your colour, you can purchase a variation of pinks and nudes. You can also purchase the lipsticks (£18) and the powders (£22) separately or the compact duo for £35.

What make up are you planning on wearing for Christmas and New Year’s parties?


*This product was sent to me for free in exchange for a review.

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