19 of the Best & Worst Christmas Jumpers

For today’s Blogmas post, I thought that I would write a post on some of the best and worst Christmas jumpers. Although I wouldn’t describe myself as someone that is a big fan of them, I do actually quite like them and my sisters’ are obsessed with them.

Here are a selection from a few jobs that I’ve chosen that I think are cute or like as I think they are hideous. I’m not a fan of the slogan jumpers as I found them rather cheesy so haven’t really chosen any of them.

Dorothy Perkins

These were probably my favourite as they are all so cute and adorable! These are probably the most expensive as were nearly £30 but they are currently in the sale with 10 – 20% off.


Florence & Fred

I thought that these were kind of cheesy but a good cheesy, especially for those of you that are geeks. You can pick any of these up for around £20.



These are from Asda’s George range. Some of them are really cute while others such as the dog/reindeer one are a little cheesy. You can pick up these from Asda and the price range varies from £12 – 18.



I think that these are another cute collection from Primark that isn’t actually cheesy. These are the cheapest jumpers ranging from £7 – 14. So if you’re on a budget and want some festive fashion in your life these are probably the best choice for you!


Tu Clothing

Another set of cheesy jumpers from Sainsbury’s Tu Clothing range. These are all priced in between £16 – 18.


Have you bought any Christmas jumpers or other festive clothing? 


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