10 Goals for my Festive Bucket List

Like most people, I have dreams and goals in life which I guess form some kind of “unofficial” bucket list. These may not exactly be “christmassy” themed but instead of choosing “generic” Christmas themed goals that I probably already have done or do anyway so why not encompass my actual goals?


Visit New York

New York has been one of the US cities that I’ve really wanted to visit since I was quite young. I watch a lot of American TV shows that are based in New York so there’s no denying that this plays a part in my influence in wanting to visit the city. I also want to see all the iconic sights of the city and I think that it would be even more spectacular to see them during Fall/Winter period. I swear Americans go all out with the festive seasons much more than we do in the UK! Another reason why I would love to go visit is due to having an interest in fashion and seeing as New York is one of the major fashion cities of the world there’s no denying that this doesn’t add to the pile of perfectly valid reasons for visiting.


Go skiing

Skiing is something that I have wanted to have a go at for years and years but I’ve never had the opportunity to. Although there are plenty of indoor centres in the UK that I could go and have a go at, I think I would much rather spend a week learning in somewhere that it is native to and actually get to experience a different country/place at the same time. Also, judging by photos I’ve seen of the scenery it simply looks breathtaking. Personally, I think it would be a much preferable experience that way than seeing inside of a shed. You only need to look at my friend Kate’s photos to prove my point. Read her posts on skiing here and here.


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Visit Canada during Fall and Christmas Season

Can you see a pattern here? Canada is another country that I would love to encompass a visit to alongside the USA during the Fall period. There are many parts of Canada that I would love to visit as the scenery looks breathtaking. My Dad always speaks fondly of Canada as he visited when he was in the Royal Navy. He said his ship was making a visit in February time and as it was coming into the dockyard, the weather was snowing which made all the trees literally look like a Christmas card as it was that stunning. Plus actual Canadian Maple Syrup tastes amazing!



Go ice skating 

Another thing that I’ve never tried in my life but I really want to that you usually associate with Christmas. You think having lived around Winchester for the last four and a bit years that I may have taken advantage of the ice rink. WRONG! The trouble is I don’t really have anyone to go with as Greg thinks it’s overpriced and not particularly good. Now that maybe so but I’m determined to cross it off my list at some point even if I do end up being battered and bruised!



Bake lots of festive treats

I kind of do this anyway but I’ve never actually made a gingerbread house and would actually quite like to rectify this. I would also like to make peppermint creams, biscuits, cakes, as well as plenty of savoury festive treats.


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Use my creative skills

I don’t really write much about arts and crafts on my blog but I have a keen interest in photography, fashion, knitting, sewing and crafts. I am currently knitting hats and learning to make clothes, as well as enjoy making various arts and crafts. The trouble with this is that when you work full time it is hard finding the time.

10pcs/pack Red Card Christmas Hat Accessories Fun Glass Decorations card stand santa hats holder dinner table party decor

Host a successful dinner party 

Not only does Christmas provide the perfect time of year to host a dinner party but Christmas food is some of my very favourite food. Also it feels more sophisticated and grown up than having a few mates round to eat pizza and drink booze. Not that there’s anything wrong with this of course.

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Visit an ice hotel/bar

I’m really intrigued by these with how everything is made of ice. I’m assuming that these are cold but I want to personally experience the atmosphere of these.


See the Northern Lights

My Dad always used to tell me that if you ever feel upset then go out and look at the stars. He’s right that it does work and as much as the sky is beautiful but you can’t view the Northern Lights from just anywhere in the World. They look so surreal and quite simply breathtaking so if given the opportunity I would love to go see them with my own eyes.


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Visit Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is an annual festive kind of festival held in Hyde Park and this year is it’s tenth anniversary. I’ve never actually been but would love to go and see what all the fuss is about. The photos of it make it look so spectacular and that it could certainly help get you in the festive mood especially if you aren’t already!


What are your bucket list goals?

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