How to make DIY coffee shop drinks

Love coffee shop drinks but can’t afford them? With my former barista skills, here’s my tips on how to make some for yourself at home that won’t break the bank…

lebellelavie - How to make DIY coffee shop drinks

When I was at college, and even in my first year of university actually, buying coffee shop drinks from the likes of Costa and Starbucks was very much a novelty and a weekly treat. That was until I got a job at Costa Coffee in my second year of university.

Being a Costa employee meant that I got discount on the drinks Costa had to offer and while on my shifts, I was able to help myself to an endless supply of drinks. This resulted in the novelty wearing off and the thought of having drinks from coffee shops would make me feel sick. Even up until recently, I wasn’t particularly fussed about having them as I felt after learning all of the Costa barista tips and tricks, I could simply just make them myself. That was until recently where I’ve been enjoying this year’s Christmas drinks, specifically the mint hot chocolate.

Do you ever get cravings for a Costa style coffee or hot chocolate? Now I haven’t worked there for 18 months the novelty of having one of their drinks is slowly coming back to me so sometimes I like to make myself one if I can’t get to a Costa or afford it. Unfortunately as I don’t have the equipment to make it specifically Costa style, but with my former barista knowledge, I make it as close to it. And now you can too with my guide below.

lebellelavie - How to make DIY coffee shop drinks

Costa style hot chocolate

  • Hot chocolate powder
  • Whipped squirty cream
  • Syrup
  • Milk

lebellelavie - How to make DIY coffee shop drinks

How to make:

To start with, fill the glass or mug you intend to drink the hot chocolate out of with 3/4 full of milk. Next pour the milk in to a microwaveable jug or in a saucepan and heat it up either in the microwave or via the stove for approximately 1/2 minutes. Ensure that you keep a close eye on it to prevent it from burning or if you would rather a slightly cooler temperature!

lebellelavie - How to make DIY coffee shop drinks

Once the milk is at your satisfied temperature, pop 2/3 teaspoons of chocolate powder (or however much to your acquired tastes) and whisk until it has all dissolved. Pour the milk into your glass or mug and then grab your syrup. Pop a couple of teaspoons or however many to your own personal taste and stir.

lebellelavie - How to make DIY coffee shop drinks

Now you need to take your cream and squirt it on to the top of the milk. It is then entirely up to you with what you add as extras to it. I’ve grated a milk chocolate bar and marshmallows to give it that Costa style touch.

Alternative to milk chocolate…

Instead of milk chocolate, why not make white chocolate? Here I made one for Greg in the style of Costa’s old Black Forest White Hot Chocolates. Instead of milk hot chocolate powder I put white chocolate powder in the milk. I then put a couple of teaspoons of blackberry syrup in the milk, squirty cream on the top and then drizzled a bit of raspberry syrup over it.

lebellelavie - How to make DIY coffee shop drinks

Need a caffeine fix…

If you aren’t really a fan of hot chocolate then why not have a latte?

Heat the milk up in the same way as I have mentioned above. Instead of adding chocolate, add a teaspoon of coffee to a small amount of hot water to make it a similar size to a shot. Pour the milk into your mug or glass and then add the shot to the top of it. Give it a stir and there is your latte!

If you fancy adding a little flavour to it you can add some syrups to it or even whipped cream… Or for those of you that don’t want too many calories why not use flavoured coffee beans instead?

I’m currently loving Beanies Toffee flavoured coffee and Little’s French vanilla flavoured coffee.

lebellelavie - How to make DIY coffee shop drinks

Healthy options…

Okay, I can’t make these but Costa and every other coffee shop chain tend to offer a variety of flavoured teas. You can buy these from supermarkets for not a lot of money.

My current favourites are Salted Caramel and Fudge Green Tea and Tesco’s own Apple & Cinnamon tea. If you want to try any other alternatives, read my post here.

What’s your favourite coffee shop drinks? Have you made any of your own?

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