Food shopping in the Christmas Markets

We’ve been food and gift shopping in the Winchester and Southampton Christmas Markets. Here are a few food items that we’ve bought recently…

Living in between Winchester and Southampton, I’m lucky enough to have two Christmas Markets right on my doorstep. The last couple of days, Greg and I have been busy buying food and Christmas gifts in both Markets as they offer a great variety of food, drinks, gardening items, clothing, ornaments, etc, etc. Christmas Markets are a great way to try new foods and buy unique and wonderful gifts for family and friends (Or for yourself… Well I think so anyway).

Unfortunately, I can’t post anything about the gifts I bought in case my family is reading this and I feel that it wouldn’t be fair for them to find out what I’ve bought for them via the internet. However, Greg and I bought a variety of delicious and high-quality foods that I can’t wait to eat!

lebellelavie - Food shopping in the Christmas Markets


My favourite out of the three of these is the Mustard & Ale cheese. It doesn’t taste alcoholic in the slightest but has a nice mustard twang to it. The Mont d’Or and Chante were more for Greg as although they tasted lovely, I didn’t like them as much as the Mustard & Ale cheese.

lebellelavie - Food shopping in the Christmas Markets

Chutneys & Curds

These were on offer on one of the stalls so we bought both of these and a cheese. The garlic chutney tastes really sweet and tangy. The lemon curd tastes so lemony and sour, it also tastes amazing on a slice of bread. They did do an amazing lemon and lime curd but unfortunately, this sold out before we had the chance to buy it. Greg also really enjoyed a passion fruit curd that they had to offer so we are thinking of making another trip to purchase some.

lebellelavie - Food shopping in the Christmas Markets

Curry Sauces

Although these are quite expensive they are one of the nicest curry sauces that I have tasted. Greg and I bought a load of these last year and enjoyed them so much we couldn’t turn down buying them again this year. They have a great variety such as Thai Green, Makhani, Rogan Josh, Thai Red and Korma. My personal favourite is the Thai Green as it has more of a sweet and mild taste. I’m not really a big fan of spice so spicy curries aren’t really for me.

lebellelavie - Food shopping in the Christmas Markets

Takeaway foods

The Markets don’t really offer generic takeaway foods as such but more German style food such as bratwurst, stollen, roasted chestnuts, mince pies, luxury chocolates, etc.

There was also a number of other items of food on offer that tasted amazing but we didn’t actually buy. These included such things as various ales, aged balsamic vinegar, biscuits, fudge, meats, chocolate wine, mulled wine, roasted marshmallows and chestnuts, etc.

If you want to find out further information on the Christmas Markets, please click here.


Have you been to any of the Christmas Markets?

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