Microwaveable fudge recipe in 10 minutes

Fancy a quick and easy, sweet treat? Maybe this recipe will be perfect for you! Microwaveable fudge that can be ready in ten minutes…

As it’s that time of year we all eat a lot more sweet things than we would usually and it is perfectly acceptable, I might add. Although not everyone likes Mince Pies, chocolate log or cherry Bakewell tarts, etc (whatever other treats you can think of that are traditional at Christmas) while others may just have allergies.

lebellelavie - Microwaveable fudge in 10 minutes

As an alternative to these, I like making this 10 minute fudge recipe that’s simple and easy to make, isn’t going to break the bank and is something that (hopefully most) people will enjoy! The great thing about this is that it only needs three main ingredients and is cooked completely in the microwave. Although I would still recommend cooking the fudge with precaution as the bowl can become very hot. So it’s not a good idea for yourself or little people that might be around to lick the bowl until it’s completely cooled down.

lebellelavie - Microwaveable fudge in 10 minutes

What you need…

I’m now going to stop rambling on about how hot it gets and actually tell you what you will need for the fudge:

  • large microwaveable mixing bowl
  • 500g brown sugar
  • 100g butter
  • 1 tin of condensed milk
  • Tray with greaseproof paper placed inside it

lebellelavie - Microwaveable fudge in 10 minutes

There’s only three main ingredients you need but to give it a specific flavour it’s entirely up to you what you use. The first batch of fudge, I made I used caramel syrup and the second, I used my favourite caramel flavour coffee mixed into a paste with hot water.

lebellelavie - Microwaveable fudge in 10 minutes

How to make it…

Once you’ve weighed out all of your ingredients and mix them all together in a microwaveable bowl. Next you need to place into the microwave for two and a half minutes, stir and repeat another three times, taking it up to a grand total of ten minutes in the microwave. On the last stir, place in a teaspoon or two (entirely up to you on this one) of syrup before then putting it back in the microwave.

lebellelavie - Microwaveable fudge in 10 minutes

Once it has finished, take it out the microwave with ovenproof gloves (as the bowl will be very hot!!!) and then leave on the side to cool for a minute. You will then need to pour the mixture into the baking tray and leave to set or cool enough for you to eat.

lebellelavie - Microwaveable fudge in 10 minutes

I find brown sugar works best although if you use soft brown sugar it does end up becoming more of a caramel substance.

All you need to do then is cut it up and enjoy!

This is something I make all year round so you can enjoy it as a Christmas treat or any time of the year.

What treats have you been enjoying the festive season?

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