Did I achieve my 2016 goals?

2016 might be over but I set myself some goals at the beginning of the year. Now it’s 2017, I’m taking a look back on which of my goals I successfully achieved in 2016…

lebellelavie - Did I achieve my 2016 goals?

At the end of 2015, I wrote some goals that I wanted to achieve in 2016. So as one of my first posts of 2017, I thought I would reflect on these and see which ones I have achieved. I was sat in Costa the other day, waiting for Greg to finish work and having a think about this so hence why the photo of the costa cup! You can read my 2016 goals post here.

1. Save Money

Yeah, about that… I’m still working on this one but instead of buying new clothes and makeup, I want to save money to go on some spontaneous trips instead.

2. Lose Weight

Well, I’ve got about halfway there. This time last year I was verging on a size 12 which I know isn’t huge but when you’re barely 5.4 feet tall then this isn’t a great size. However, one year on and I’m mainly a size 10 but slowly fitting back into all those size 8s and boy, does it feel good!

3. Move house

Yeah, Greg and I did this and now own two little guinea pigs but unfortunately, the house keeps having things go wrong. Hopefully, they get fixed soon!

4. Go on holiday

Well, this one didn’t happen but I currently have serious wanderlust and am currently obsessed with travel blogs. I don’t want to spend my whole life sitting behind a computer and as much as I love buying new clothes and makeup it’s not the same as going out, making memories and exploring the World around you!

5. Career Progression

I changed jobs and after dillydallying around since finishing university, I have finally decided that I would like a career in PR & Marketing. It’s taken me almost two years to figure this one out and I didn’t really realise this until I discovered an interest in marketing with my current job.

6. Watch more TV shows/films

I’m slowly catching up with all the TV series that I’ve wanted to watch which is good but nevertheless, there’s still plenty more that I need to catch up on. I do watch a reasonable amount of films but there are still plenty more that I need to get round to watching.

7. Wedding Planning

I was seriously excited about this a year ago but now I’m like, “Mehhh, I’d rather invest money in travelling!” I’ve never been much of an enthusiast for weddings and if it means waiting a few more years then so be it. I’d rather go out and see the World a bit as I don’t want to have spent the majority of my life sat in front of a desk.

8. Social Media Growth

I wanted to grow my blog to become bigger, better and more professional. In the last year, I’ve seen myself going from a couple of hundred followers to almost two thousand across all my social media channels. I know that that is still a small number but I feel it’s a huge achievement and looking at my analytics my content actually gets read and seen (At least it appears to anyway). Especially in the last few months, I have had brands and PR companies contact me to attend events and try products that I couldn’t have ever imagined happening. I am so, so grateful.

Although I have been a bit quiet on the social media front as of late, I sometimes just have to switch off and away from it having stared at a computer screen for 8 hours of the day at work and then coming home to do the same for another few hours is simply unbearable.

You may have seen that I attempted Blogmas this year and while I was enthused about it, halfway through the month I just couldn’t bring myself to finish it as it was stressing me out so much. I’m glad I tried it as it has been a massive learning curve but I don’t think I will be trying it again this year as I’m still in the process of trying to find the correct balance.

And there we have it… A summary of 2016. Now to go set some goals for 2017 – yeah, I know I’m a bit late to the game!

 What did you achieve in 2016?

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