Revamp of Just Belle

Recently I was getting a little bored and drained from blogging as it can feel like such a chore with the amount of hours I spend on editing photos or writing up posts. I especially feel like this after finishing work in the evenings as despite my office being a 10 minute drive down the road, it takes well over an hour getting to and from in a day (due to rush hour traffic and having to catch the park & ride) and then add 8.5 hours in between that, I don’t really then want to sit down all evening spending several more hours staring at a computer screen.

So to get over this and to get myself back into it and enthused about the blogosphere, I have been reading lots of blogs from the likes of Robowecop, Nettle & Blackberry, Hannah Gale, Vix Meldrew and Dorkface Blog to just name a few.

I also decided to give Just Belle a revamp. My previous template was okay but I was never truely 100% happy with it. Certain parts of it never really fitted together and it looked quite clunky and messy. It started making me feel a little ashamed to show people explaining to them I spend my spare time blogging. I had been eyeing up the Pipdig templates for a while as everyone’s blog that seems to have one looks professional and visually appealing which when it comes to blogging, I think is something that is vital in order to be considered any good! I had been putting it off for so long as they are a little on the pricey side but after doing lots of research in to different templates, I feel that the term “you get what you pay for” applies.

Pipdig templates are stylish and not only easy to install but also easy to adapt to make it more personal to you. I decided to go for the Venture template as I liked this layout and could see how easy it was to adapt to make more personalised from looking at Kirstie’s A Yellow Brick Blog. Within 10 minutes, as Pipdig promises, your blog is all installed with various different widgets that can be moved around, colours changed, etc. Plus it also means I could delete a load of irrelevant widgets I had installed which were slowing my computer down completely that my old template didn’t have.

After I had installed the template, I decided it was time to update my information pages as these were just a bit naff. I also wasn’t very happy with the way I had written them so it was really time for a change! I feel that I’ve kind of got it looking as to how I want to so it has made me more enthused about blogging again.


Have you had a blog revamp recently?




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