5 accessories to make your OOTD/MOTD sparkle!

When you want to add that finishing touch to your makeup and outfit to make it sparkle then here are a few items and products that I suggest using…

lebellelavie - 5 accessories to make your OOTD/MOTD sparkle!

Do you ever look at photos of yourself from a night out and think, “Damn, I looked amazing that night!” or “OMG, What was I thinking!? I look disgusting!” Or maybe you’re just one of those lucky people that never feels that way and you always look stunning. Unfortunately, I’m the former.

In today’s post, I thought I would share five accessories that you should wear to enhance your look and to feel that beautiful sparkle! Although I feel I should add this isn’t me inferring, “You’re probably ugly!” but more of a confidence boost and that nothing’s gonna bring you down. This is how I feel anyway if I spend time making myself up.


For me, neat eyebrows is always a necessity as I have slightly misshapen brows due to the many years of over plucking and I can’t bear the whole wait for them to grow out. Eyebrows are one of those things that can make even the most attractive person look weird if they are not kept well. For me, I like to use something to enhance them whether it’s gel, powder or a pencil. For a night out I’ve chosen the KISS Beautiful Brow Kit*. This contains 4 stencils, a brow razor/groomer and a mini compact that contains two brow powders, a highlighter and a wax to ensure those hairs stay in place.

False Eyelashes

I don’t think I had ever worn fake eyelashes in my life until I went to uni. They always seemed like something that was a lot of faff and that was rather awkward. I think I wore a pair once or twice and as they were only cheap I ended up ripping them off because they started detaching from my eye. That was until I discovered KISS Lashes*. For a novice like me, these are perfect as they are so easy to apply and adjust and they last for hours! I’ve even slept in these before and woken up with them still perfectly in place.


Jewellery is one of those accessories that can completely change an outfit from daytime wear to an outfit perfect for a night out. When I go out (Not that it happens very often these days, mind you!), I like to get out all my big and sparkly jewellery. I tend to buy what I class as outfit accessory jewellery from Primark and New Look. You can pick up some really lovely things like these hoop earrings for less than £5.


Whether it’s nail varnish or fake nails that you prefer, I always think of both as a “hand make up” (Does that sound lame?) that can brighten up and make hands look stunning. If I have time, I like to paint my nails but if you’re a lazy girl or just in a rush then something like these (Yes, another KISS product) KISS nails* would be perfect for you! No glue or mess is involved, you just simply need to peel the plastic off the pack, press down on your actual nails and then your falsies are in place! I find these last about 5-7 days. They are also relatively easy to peel off and don’t cause any damage to your nails, unlike other fake nails. I count this as a win-win in my books.


Again, lipstick was another thing that I never used to wear until I went to uni. While these days I feel it can really complete an outfit especially for a night out. Here, I’ve chosen my wonderful Urban Decay lipstick in the colour Bad Blood. I assume this is named after Taylor Swift due to the song Bad Blood and her signature colour always being a red lip but unfortunately I can’t confirm that. If you want a lipstick that you don’t have to worry about smudging or disappearing off your lips then seriously, check out Urban Decay’s range. They have a variety of colours, glosses, mattes, etc for anyone. They are around £15 so not exactly cheap but they are worth the price and as I’m getting older, I would rather pay more money for something if it lasts.

 What’re your “go-to” products?

*PR Sample

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