A Winter’s Day at the Beach

During the Christmas holidays, my siblings, gran and myself decided to go for a walk as it was such a beautiful day. We decided on going to Sidmouth so all crammed in to my sister’s car and off we went.

Once we had arrived, we decided to go for a stroll along the beach as it was such a beautiful day. Despite the Sun, it was still bitterly cold so sitting on the beach wasn’t too much of an option and we were very much glad to have wrapped up warm!

Sidmouth is a seafront town, located in Devon, that is literally only a stone throw away from the sea. It has a pebble beach so there’s no need to worry about sand ending up in your shoes! It has bright orange/red rust coloured cliffs exposed completely to the elements of the sea. Unfortunately I cannot tell you anymore than that as I am so rubbish at geography that I failed it at A Level, lololol.

As it was about time for lunch, we went to the local fish and chip shop to grab a portion of chips each. We then had a little mooch around the shops that Sidmouth had to offer and then popped into Costa to enjoy a nice hot drink.

At this point the light was starting to fade so we had one more stroll along the beach back to the car and to watch the sunset.

Although it wasn’t the most eventful day sometimes it’s nice just to get out and go for a walk and you don’t need to go that far a lot of the time! Sidmouth is about a 45 minute drive away from my parents house and is along the Devon coast.

Where do you like to visit for a day trip out? 





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