“Club All Bar One drinks are free…

...Fun and sunshine there’s enough for everyone!”

Well no, they’re not actually free and unfortunately at this time of year we tend to have a lot of cold, damp and rainy days as opposed to warm, sunny days. I just thought I would quote a bit of Wham! seeing as I was listening to Club Tropicana at the time of writing this.

The week before last, I was invited to the VIP Launch* of another one of Southampton’s newest restuarants to open up in West Quay, All Bar One. I was quite excited for this as my friend Kate and I go down to All Bar One in Portsmouth every now and then to visit our friend Kieran so it’s nicer to have one that wee bit closer to home!


What is All Bar One?

All Bar One is a stylish and sophisticated bar chain that are located all over the country. Whether you want to eat a meal out, have a drink and a snack, that cocktail night out or just a morning chat over a coffee, All Bar One offers all of this for people of any age and whatever they fancy doing!

All Bar One food and drinks prices aren’t the cheapest but I’m a firm believer of “you get what you pay for” and the whole menu is fairly reasonably priced when in comparison to most bars and restaurants.

The event

Upon entering All Bar One we were given vouchers to fill in order to receive a complimentary cocktail. We were also handed a glass of Prossecco each which I very happily had both mine and Greg’s as he’s not a fan of it. There was also a complimentary beer stand that were offering pints of beer all evening as well as bottles of beer being given out for you to help yourself in ice buckets.

As Greg isn’t a fan of cocktails either and was driving, he gave me both of the cocktail vouchers and had a beer instead. I decided to choose the Porn Star Martini and Cosmo. Both of these tasted more alcoholic than sweet and were quite easy to sip on for a casual night out drink (It was a school night after all, I couldn’t go too wild!). As you may or may not know a Porn Star Martini consists of having a shot of Prosecco in it while I was given this on the side of my drink. I’m not sure if this is how it’s served in general or just a thing All Bar One do but I didn’t mind in the slightest as I love Prossecco. However, I didn’t down it like I did shots back in my uni days, it was instead sipped on casually as Prossecco in my eyes in not the kind of drink you down.

There’s a whole menu dedicated to drinks that includes a large selection of wine, beers, spirits, cocktails and even mocktails which is always a nice option for those that don’t or can’t drink or just simply want something different to your standard soft drink.

There was also plenty of complimentary appetisers going round too. Unfortunately most of it was meat so I couldn’t eat too much but Greg tried plenty of it, specifically the squid! Although one of the waitresses ensured that some vegetarian food was brought round for me so I had a variation of food to try which I thought was really nice. I had the Pad Thai and Miso Rice (I hope I spelt those right!) which were both delicious and came in these cute little saucepans.

Greg very much enjoyed the squid and won’t stop going on about it being so nice! He said it was well cooked with plenty of flavour and probably was the nicest appetiser he had the privilege of trying. He also enjoyed the mini burgers as they tasted like they had been freshly cooked and not sat around for ages.

The restaurant itself has a classy and sophisticated feel to it that I could enjoy going to with friends for a few drinks or as just a meal out with Greg. I really enjoyed the evening and will be going back very soon!


Have you tried All Bar One?



*Complimentary drinks & food




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