Baby, it’s cold outside…

A couple of week’s ago, Greg and I decided to pop down to Bishop’s Waltham Palace seeing as it’s literally a stones throw away from our house and neither of us had been there before. I thought I would do a separate post all about Bishop’s Waltham itself as I took some amazing photos of the sunset.

I decided to take some photos of my outfit as it would make a great background for it seeing as it was a new coat, hat and boots I was wearing. For this kind of outfit I feel that taking photos outside is a much better background setting plus variation is always good.

I had been wanting a trench coat for ages and the one I do have I’ve had for a good eight years so I feel an update is needed! After doing some searching in the Christmas sales, I found this one in the Christmas Sales in Tesco’s Florence & Fred range. For someone that used to hate supermarket clothing ranges when I was a teenager, I flipping love them now! Clothing from supermarket labels is reasonably priced and of decent quality that keeps up with current fashion trend for younger and older people. The coat is warm, super comfy and extra long which is always good as I’m one of these people that constantly feels the cold. The quality is also pretty decent especially considering I bought it for about £30.

The boots I snapped up by sheer fluke in the Next Christmas sales; another thing I had been wanting for a while was a pair of chelsea style boots. I was unsure of the colour at first but for £16 and boots that felt they were going to last, I couldn’t not buy them! The colour has actually grown on me and they are smart enough for work and casual wear.

It seems to be in this season to have a wooly hat with a fluffy bobble on the end of it. I wasn’t intentionally planning to get this hat for this reason but during the Christmas holidays, when I was staying with my Gran, we popped in to one of her local fashion shops that were selling these. I wasn’t particularly bothered about buying one at first but after trying my Gran’s on and seeing how fluffy and warm it was, I thought it would be a great winter investment. Especially when walking to work in the mornings as my head and ears had been getting so cold! I honestly haven’t looked back since.

The bag was another Florence & Fred item that I bought after Christmas. Although it wasn’t in the sales it was £12 and seeing as my old bag kind of disentegrated, I was in desperate need of a new one. This is a perfect size for me as I can fit all my necessities in it and not fill it with random crap resulting in it feeling like I’m carrying a dead body round with me! It’s spacious but not to huge and bulky to carry round either.


How have you been styling your winter outfits?


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