It’s all about a nice cuppa tea…

You may or may not know by now that I’m a huge fan of hot drinks, specifically tea since I was a small child. My parents taught my sister and I how to make hot drinks from about the age of five because as my Mum always put it, “You don’t keep a dog and bark yourself!”. We used to hate it as children as she used to teach us and then get us to do household chores on a daily basis. These days, I am actually secretly quite grateful for it as university and leaving home wasn’t that much of a shock for me. So leading on to today’s post which is all about my new tea set.

I’ve never really been that fussed about having pretty mugs and tea sets as long as I could make a decent cuppa tea and had something to put it in. However, that mindset changed quite drastically once I took the plunge to become a blogger. The excuse is not only can you use them for tea but they make excellent blog props and make your house look pretty, is that lame? I don’t really care if it is.

Greg and I always tend to do all our shopping in Asda and one day while picking up some bits, we decided to have a look at the home section. Greg is also a big tea fan but much more of the posh variety and saw me eyeing up the tea sets. I’m one of these people that always has to justify to myself as to whether I can afford something or not so Greg eventually just told me to stop wasting time and just take the plunge and buy it. So I did.

We now have a teapot, mug, teapot and mug for one, sugar pot and milk jug. I like what they say and have a kind of mad hatter style Alice and Wonderland tea party feel to them. (In case you’re wondering, no I don’t sit there singing “A Very Happy Unbirthday” to myself). These are all individually priced ranging from £2.50-7 so not too expensive.



Do you have a fancy tea set?



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