Winter Skincare Products with Neutrogena

Your skin can always appreciate a little TLC at the best of times and especially in depths of winter. My skin is no exception so recently I’ve been testing out some of the Neutrogena skincare products…

It’s that time of year where the weather is either reasonably mild with elements of early Spring starting to blossom or still bitterly cold, reminding us that Winter is still upon us. As a consequence of this, my hands can suffer quite badly. One day, they will feel perfectly soft and supple and the next, they can be all dry, scabby and feeling like sandpaper.

In comes Neutrogena hand cream to the rescue! I picked this up a few months ago as I was initially going to get Soap & Glory’s Hand Food cream but Superdrug was out of it. I decided instead of waiting, and ending up with chapped hands, to just bite the bullet and branch out with a new hand cream. Unless I read a blog post on something from one of my favourite bloggers or someone recommends something to me then I quite often just stick to what I know. A bit boring, right? Yeah, I know!

The packaging describes the cream as having a “light texture” which I would agree with as it has a much lighter texture that S&G’s Hand Food and is easily absorbed by the skin. It doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky and greasy either but more of a refreshed and hydrated feel. This specific cream contains Nordic Berry so has a slight scented smell but it isn’t overbearing in the slightest.

I also have one of the Neutrogena lip balms as likewise with my hands, my lips also suffer badly. Although this is more due to me having a terrible habit of licking my lips since I was really small and have basically never been able to shake. I picked this balm up from Tesco after Christmas in the sale for about 90p, not quite sure why it was reduced as it wasn’t part of the Christmas range but there we are.

Unless you apply a vast amount to your lips it only applies a thin coating. Although I generally prefer a thicker coating to my lips to ensure that I don’t start licking them, I find that it works well as a base coat prior to applying lipsticks as it gives your lips that nourishing, non-drying out feeling. It is also fully transparent so there is no unexpected colour change when wearing with lipsticks or stains over your tea cups, etc. It also contains Nordic Berry so has a similar mild scent as the hand cream.

So what did I think overall? Both of these products are of nice quality and that actually work although I don’t think I’m quite won over from my favourite Soap & Glory Hand Food cream. However, the lip balm is much easier to carry and apply than a pot of Vaseline but as I previously mentioned, I like using it as a basecoat. I would definitely buy both products again or recommend them as they do exactly as they’re meant to and are completely affordable. They are a winning combination whatever time of year you’re using.

What skincare products have you been using this Winter? 

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