Five thoughts on the new Logan Movie

I recently went to watch the new Logan Movie and here are five thoughts I had about it… Don’t worry this doesn’t include spoilers!

lebellelavie - five thoughts on the new Logan Movie

If you follow me on Twitter then you may or may not have seen that I went to see Logan last week in the cinema. Now I don’t really tend to do film reviews as despite enjoying watching a myriad of various films, I don’t feel I watch enough new films or films, in general, to warrant writing a post on. However, although the cinema wasn’t the best I’ve been to it didn’t dampen my view of Logan in the slightest, I left the cinema with the feeling of “Wow!” at how good it was and would more than happily go and watch it again.

I don’t want to explain the plotline of it seeing as it’s only just been released and the number of people I know that hate spoilers. But what I will do is explain a few thoughts and emotions that I had whilst watching it.

#1 Charles & Logan

As this film is set in an alternate universe, you saw an aged, frail and more human relatable version of both Charles and Logan. You also see characteristics that you wouldn’t generally associate with a film or TV show but perfectly reflects struggles in reality.

#2 No one is smoking?

This isn’t a major addition to the plot line but there are a couple of scenes that you see a number of characters vaping instead of smoking. I haven’t actually seen this in a film before but if you think about it, you see a lot more people vaping these days than smoking so it’s good that they mirror this reality in the film.

#3 Swearing

Off the top of my head, I don’t think many Marvel films contain swear words on the level that this film does. Accept maybe Deadpool but then again, I guess they are both owned by Fox. You even hear Patrick Stewart aka Charles/Professor X swearing.

#4 Violence

Most Marvel or superhero films you will see and expect a few bad guys to be beaten up and maybe a bit of blood. In general, though most don’t portray it in the way this film did as not a lot of injuries are left to the imagination. Something you might want to be aware of if you’re incredibly squeamish like me!

#5 The overall film effect

This point relates back to #1 of a sense of reality to it. If you’ve seen the trailer that includes Johnny Cash’s cover of Hurt and when you watch the film you will see it completely relates to it. Unless you’re heartless (Sorry for being so blunt there) there are points in the film that will either make you cry or your eyes well up slightly. So maybe take some tissues and wear waterproof make up just in case?

If you haven’t watched the trailer or just simply want to watch it again, here’s the link below:

Have you seen the new Logan film? What did you think of it?

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