The £5 Boohoo dress

Recently I was having a window shop just to browse really on Boohoo’s website and came across this gorgeous red, floaty dress for £5. Yes, really and it was only £1 next day delivery too! At that price, I couldn’t not snap up the chance to buy it! Boohoo is also one of my favourite clothing sites as you can quite often pick up so many bargains that are of decent quality and keep up with the latest fashion trends without breaking the bank too much!

Boohoo only had a size 8 available which I decided to take the risk with buying as I find my sizing is slightly odd with Boohoo, sometimes I’m an 8 and other times I’m a 10. I was lucky that when it arrived it wasn’t a small 8 and is actually quite big on me. Luckily it has a string chord in the middle that you can pull tight in order for the dress to give you a little bit more of a figure!

For the actual outfit, I decided to go with a bit of a grunge look so paired it with my feodora hat, chunky heeled boots, denim jacket and a load of dark eye make up along with a red lipstick. The dress has a sense of boho style to it so I feel it could be dressed up to have a grunge influence, boho style or is smart enough to wear to work.

It’s the kind of dress that you could style for Winter with a pair of chunky ankle boots and jacket or sandals and floral headband for Summer festivals. It is a dress that I will certainly be wearing all year round and for £5 it was an absolute bargain!




Have you found any bargains shopping recently?


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