A Sunday morning walk…

Despite having lived either in or down the road from Winchester for the last nearly five years, we never really enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds Winchester.

Back in my student days, we used to quite often get a group of us together and venture off to St Catherine’s and the surrounding countryside for a picnic and to essentially enjoy a day of sunshine. Unfortunately these days, I quite often don’t get time to go for a walk unless it’s after work or on a weekend so a few weeks ago, Greg and I went for a mid-morning walk around St Catherine’s Hill.

As I kept stopping to take photos, I think we walked for about an hour. Greg got annoyed at me so puffed a lot on his vape. 😂


What is St Catherine’s Hill?

St Cat’s as it is quite commonly known by locals is a 58 chalk, grassland area filled with plenty of wildlife and wild flowers which includes over 25 species of butterflies! (Don’t ask me which ones as I wouldn’t have a clue!)

If you’re a history geek like me, you’ll probably be also interested to know that the hill had the ramparts of an Iron Age hill fort cut in to it as well as the remains of a Norman chapel. The Norman chapel is where the hill gets it’s name from. (Source)

When can I visit?

There is a car park located at the bottom of the hill, so you can visit anytime you like. There are opening or cost restrictions so if you’re visiting the area and want something to do that doesn’t cost a lot then here is a great opportunity.



You could even make a day of it by taking a pack lunch, have a game of rounders, frisbee or any other ball games and get to enjoy the stunning views of Winchester that it has to offer.




You can find further information here.



Do you have any nice walks close to you?



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