Explorin’ Gloucester

Back in January, Greg and I went to visit his grandparents that live in Gloucester. As it has been many years since Greg has visited the Catherdral, as I have never been and as we both love history, his grandparents decided that they would take us there. They also took us to have a general wander round the city and to have a meal at the new(ish) Weatherspoons – which by the way, happens to be the nicest ‘Spoons I’ve ever been in! It’s totally Instagram worthy, right!?


Below I have just written a little outline of the Cathedral and Gloucester itself and included a lovely selection of photos which includes the docks and other parts of the city. While we had a little wander, I also took some videos which I have made into a short Youtube video (You could say it’s about time I got back in to Youtube as been like… 6 months maybe?).

The Cathedral

“Gloucester Cathedral has been a place of Christian worship continuously for over 1,300 years, since Osric, an Anglo-Saxon prince, founded a religious house here in 678-9 AD. Little is known for certain about the communities which worshipped here or the buildings they used over the next 400 years although it is believed that the Benedictine Rule was introduced here early in the 11th century.” Gloucester Cathedral

The Cathedral is free to enter but you can give a donation. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos from inside as you have to pay to take photography inside and I didn’t have change on me. The Cathedral quite often have events and exhibtions on inside which are also free of charge.

The exhibition that was on when we were there they had the Faith exhibition on. This consisted of a numerous amount of paintings of different people and their religious backgrounds and how they found their faiths. It was quite interesting but I believe this has finished now.




One of the reasons that you may have heard or recognise the architecture inside the Cathedral is that it featured as one of the corridors in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and the Chamber of Secrets. The corridors make a perfect setting for Hogwarts.




The City

Gloucester is the county town of Gloucestershire and is situated on the River Severn. It is located West of the Cotswolds and South of the Forest of Dean. Gloucester has an extensive amount of historical significance so if you love your history there’s plenty to read about it!

Located in the centre of Gloucester is the Quays and the Dockyard. The Quays hosts a selection of shops whilst you can walk around the dockyard to a view various boats (canal barges, yachts, cruises, etc) and old factory buildings.

There’s also a number of museums to have a look around and plenty of lovely places to eat. So plenty to keep you busy for the day!

Here’s the video:

Have you been to Gloucester?


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