Making Memories with Printiki

We all love taking photos especially with how easy it is in our current predominantly-digital World. However, how many of us really print photos in hard-copy anymore? This is where Printiki comes in and offers quick and easy printing opportunities from your mobile…

lebellelavie - Making Memories with Printiki

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Printiki to ask whether I would like to like to trial their printing service. Me being me and loving to take photos and printing them off when I get the chance, obviously said yes.

Who is Printiki?

Printiki is an online photo printing company that is based in Amsterdam. Their website contains the quote below:

“We strongly believe that a printed photo holds much more emotional value than a digital one.”

I have to agree with this as much as it’s fantastic we can take as many photos as we want these days with digital photography, but in all honesty, how many of us actually stop and print out a number of these photos?

In comes Printiki providing you with a hard copy of your memories at a reasonable cost, straight to your door!

What did I order?

Printiki kindly gave me a voucher for my order that enabled me to choose 30 4×4 square photos. I then had the choice of choosing a border in either black or white or no border at all, and also if I wanted a matte or glossy finish on the photos.

It took me a while to decide what I wanted printing as I’m one of those people that want so many photos printed that I honestly have no idea where to begin! In the end, I decided to go with a bunch of photos I had uploaded to Instagram as Printiki has this nifty thing of being able to login into your Facebook and Instagram for you to choose photos from there. You can also just opt to upload photos from your computer instead. Once I had decided, I chose the photos to be borderless and have a gloss finish.

One thing I will say is that Printiki gives you a warning on any photos that they feel will not print with decent quality. They will then give you an alternative as to what size you can upload which is definitely a good thing so you aren’t disappointed with the quality when they arrive at your door!

lebellelavie - Making Memories with Printiki

What did I think overall?

Once I had ordered I was given the delivery estimation of 7th-10th March. They arrived on our doorstep rather swiftly after two days of ordering. I was slightly unsure as to how good the quality would be considering some were screenshots and heavily edited by apps such as VCSO Cam and uploaded from Instagram! However, I needed not to worry as I am so impressed with the quality. They are clear, bright, not blurred or pixelated in the slightest and have a lovely smooth, glossy finish.

Not only do they have lovely quality these came to around £6 so very reasonable whatever your budget is! Even if you weren’t buying some for yourself, they would make a lovely gift for a friend or family member.

I will definitely be ordering from Printiki again as I am in love with the quality. If you fancy ordering some for yourself, follow the link below and you can get 20% off!

Do you print photos or just keep the digital copies?

*items were gifted in exchange for a review

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