The £1 lipstick storage you need

If you’re a lipstick hoarder like me then you need somewhere to store your lipsticks to prevent them from getting lost. I found these mini storage containers which are perfect for storing my collection in…

lebellelavie - The £1 lipstick storage you need

For me, lipsticks are one of those makeup items I literally have littered everywhere! I always find them in various handbags and around the house and as a result of this can never actually find the one I specifically want to wear at the time. I then buy another one so end up X amount of the same lipstick or many in similar colours as I completely forget I own a lipstick in a specific colour or brand.

As much as I love lipsticks these are issues with them that I deal with on a regular basis. That was until a couple of weeks ago when by chance I spotted these little storage boxes in Poundland.

These nifty little boxes can be found in the homeware section as they’re actually meant to be peg storage boxes. However, it occurred to me that they would be the perfect size to sort and store all my lipsticks in.

lebellelavie - The £1 lipstick storage you need

Considering I have about 30+ lipsticks, I bought two of them and they all fit in both of them nicely! So nicely in fact that I’ve been able to section them by colour in each drawer. The plus side is that they are small enough that I can fit them nicely on my makeup shelf.

If you’re more of a liquid lipstick or gloss kind of gal it also stores these in perfectly as well. I don’t own quite as many as these as I do sticks so they all fit neatly in one drawer.

lebellelavie - The £1 lipstick storage you need

It might not be the prettiest looking storage or the most decent quality but for £1 and to keep your lipsticks safe, you can’t go wrong!

What do you store your lipsticks in?

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