The £20 pair of glasses


Seeing as my last eye test was about two years ago when I was in the midst of my dissertation and which I had currently lost so was wearing my old, old glasses from five years ago, it was probably about time for an upgrade!

I’m not that blind as I only wear glasses when I’m tired, driving or spending long amounts of time on the computer. Although I do unfortunately have a slight stigmatism in my eyes which causes me to be very mildy short sighted. It’s not enough for me to wake up everyday and not be able to see what I’m doing but enough for me to think, “My eyes hurt, I need to wear my glasses!” on a daily basis. The only way I can describe my use of wearing glasses is watching TV in normal viewing and then switching to HD viewing.

My last pair I had picked up from Specsavers for free due to an error on their part. However, this time round seeing as I’m no longer a full time student, I wasn’t really going to get away with it. After having a browse around online, I found Tesco to have some reasonably priced glasses in their NHS range.

When previously getting my eyes tested, prior to my last pair that were also NHS glasses, the thought of purchasing NHS glasses had never occured my mind. Call me snobby if you will but the branded glasses had a much prettier range back when thick, rectangled framed glasses used to be the thing. Seeing as you could get pretty shaped and patterned, coloured glasses, I much preferred to wear those on a daily basis than ugly, cheap glasses so was more than happy to fork out the extra cost.

Then a few years ago, in came the retro trend of the Morrissey-esque, old school thick framed square glasses and seeing as my eyes had changed from the time of my last test, I had to get this style of glasses. I still chose designer glasses but actually found this style suited my face shape better.

After the last eye test I had at Specsavers a couple of years ago, when it came to choosing a new pair of glasses the pair that I liked the most and felt suited my face were the NHS pair that only costed around £25 as opposed to the £80+ I had spent previously.

Despite having my most recent eye test at Specsavers, I wasn’t particularly drawn to any of the glasses they had to offer. So this is where my online window shopping came in. There are plenty of of the superarkets and opticians that have cheap pairs of glasses but nothing that made me think, “Yeah, I’d be okay wearing those for the next couple of years!”

That’s when I found this pair while looking on Tesco Opticians’ website. Before ordering them, I thought it would be a sensible idea to pop in to my local store to double check I really liked them. After trying them on, I felt that they suited my face quite well and for only £20, you can’t go wrong.

Despite preferably wanting a black pair this particular frames only came in red but as I liked the frame shape and didn’t mind the colour, I decided to go with these.They sit nicely on my face and actually sit better on my nose in comparison to my old glasses that were always a little too big for me head. Unfortunately I suffer with having a relatively small head but a large face so it makes my head look bigger than it actually is. The frames are also relatively sturdy so if I forget the case, I don’t have to worry they’re going to snap when shoved in to my bag. Although the case looks a little bit on the cheap side it is perfectly adequate for storing the glasses in.

Even if you only want a cheap subsidary pair for work, etc for the cost of them you can’t really go wrong. When I have some more money I think I might invest in another pair so I can keep a pair at work and one home so I don’t need to remember to bring them everyday.



Where do you buy your glasses from?


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