What are you giving up for Lent and why?

How is it now March already!? Anyway, today I thought I would write a chatty post about what I’m giving up for Lent and why.

I’m not religious in the slightest as I class myself as agnostic but I do have a genuine interest in religion. I have my many years of studying archaeology to thank for that!

So why am I participating in Lent when I’m not religious? Basically because I eat too many chocolate bars and packets of sweets and you know my diet with Slimming World? Yeah, about that…

Now don’t get me wrong, Slimming World is a great way to effectively lose weight and encourage you to eat plenty of healthy things and bad things with in moderation. However, since before Christmas I’ve become a bit bored with the whole thing. It also didn’t help that we had broken heating for nearly three weeks in January and as a result it was too cold to stay in the kitchen for five minutes let alone long enough to cook anything! Therefore resulting in Greg and I would just end up eating pizza most nights so that hasn’t helped either.

The other issue I have with Slimming World is that a lot of the healthiest meals are very lean meat based or too expensive for me to be able to cook on a regular basis thus meaning I end up eating the majority of the same old boring food. Resulting in my my crisp/chocolate/sweets craving coming in to play. As I only drink on the odd occasion so intead of using my syns on the odd glass of wine here and there they go on my favourite, shitty foods.

So for me, Lent is an excuse for me to give these up. When it comes to things like this I’m very competitive and would hate the thought of self-defeat so am stubborn enough to see it through. Back in 2012, I gave up the exact same things and when I got to the end of it I really wasn’t bothered about eating any of it. Therefore I’m hoping by doing exactly the same this year I will have the same thought by the end of it.

The only things I’m going to let myself have are marshmallows and hot chocolate and cough sweets (only if I have a sore throat of course!).

And so that’s basically it. A random, short but general chit chat post on what I’m giving up for Lent and why.

What are you giving up for Lent?


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