7 pet peeves with blogging / social media

just belle - 7 pet peeves with blogging / social media

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t written any new blog posts for the last few weeks. It’s not that I haven’t had ideas on what to publish, I just either haven’t had the time to sit down and write them up or when I have been free I simply just haven’t wanted to write it up.

Over Easter, I had an unintentional week off from social media as I just wanted to enjoy spending time with friends and family. It actually felt quite liberating not constantly being glued to my phone to check up on my social media platforms. It made me realise that there’s a lot of stuff people publish that I really don’t care about. Now don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t go for everything! There are people I have met through blogging or other fields of life that I love to keep up to date with on their travels, adventures, what they’re loving, etc. but there’s also plenty of things I honestly could not give a toss about.

Every so oftenI  feel like I suffer with blogger burnout or I’m not “good enough” or don’t fit in with the community and I don’t think I’m the only one that feels like this. Recently I have seen a lot of people tweet the same things.

It’s been a good thing to be away for a few weeks

#1 Blogger drama

We all love a good gossip and a bitch but some of the disagreements that escalate are just downright nasty and bullying. It also seems like it’s a daily occurence specifically on Twitter currently. Now I’m not gonna point fingers or refer to people to “name and shame” them but you quite often see a lot of the same names that get involved with it. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with standing up for what you believe in or defending a friend but when it turns in to “My opinions right and you’re wrong!” it just escalates and becomes so petty. If I see something that I think is stupid or wrong, I just scroll passed, unfollow, mute or block. Life is too short to get involved and upset in half of this. It also makes me think, “Would you really want a potential employee to see this?” or “What are you like in real life?”

#2 The constant need to be on social media

Social media is a wonderful thing for keeping in contact with people and making the World feel a lot closer but it is also a terrible thing! I work in a generic admin job, Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5pm and being sat down all day on the computer makes coming home to sit on the computer again is one of the last things I want to do. I love being active and exercising or sometimes catching up with friends so it’s not always possible to constantly have an online presence. I also don’t like constantly being glued to my phone as I feel that I will be missing out on what’s going on around me. Sometimes I just like to stop and have a look at the World going on around me.

#3 Sometimes brands can be sneaky

There’s been some truely wonderful brands and PR companies I’ve worked with that I feel so grateful that they have contacted me to work with them. However, I’ve had some that aren’t so great to work for. There are some brands that have asked me to “work with them” by writing a post about a launch of their new product by sending me photos of said item. Now I don’t know about you but in order to feature an item on my blog I would like to recieve said item in order to give it a fair review. What good is a picture to me? All I’m doing is giving free advertisement to them.

I’ve even had a brand that contacted to pay me a set amount to feature on Instagram and Twitter but kept changing what they wanted, didn’t make it very clear and then cancelled it at the last minute. It was probably a blessing in disguise to be perfectly honest.

#4 Am I good enough?

Do you ever feel like your blogs never good enough? Some days I feel well and truely inspired by reading my favourite blogs and that I just want to write and write while other days, I just feel like my blog is just crap.

#5 That thing called life that gets in the way

When I say life, I’m referring to a number of different factors that encompasses work, exams, social life, me time, spending time with family/Greg, etc, etc. In an ideal World I’d love to work part time so that I had enough income coming in to cover the bills comfortably and then blog the rest of the time. Sadly for me though that’s highly unlikely to happen anytime soon. So if I go AWOL every now and then it is probably due to one of these factors.

#6 The constant changes on social media

Twitter changing to hearts from stars. Instagram algorithms and shadow banning. The constant changes on Facebook. Here’s an example of the messed up algorithm on Instagram, I constantly see photos captioned with “Thank God it’s Friday” or “It’s finally the weekend!” on a Monday. Can you imagine how depressing this is on your first day back to work after the weekend? It also confuses the hell out of me and then I realise it’s been posted three or four days previously. I get social media moves fast but some of these changes are just God damn annoying!

#7 Everyone thinks that they’re an “expert”

This kind of relates to my first point but is more in relation to my Facebook newsfeed currently. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will know that a general election is fast approaching. So to give an example of my point, I see so many photos shared giving facts but if you actually do some research in to these “facts” you find that the majority of these are comepletely misleading and quite far from the truth. This doesn’t go for everything but I wish people would read more in to things before sharing something on social media then gobbing off about it.

I’m going to end that hear now as I feel this post has dragged on and on and on. I guess it makes up for the last few weeks, eh?

What are your blogging or social media pet peeves?


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