Blowing the cobwebs away…

Is certainly something I did a couple of weeks ago or at least tried to anyway. Despite my recent efforts of trying to be more active on the blog and on social media it hasn’t really happened. I’ve just been feeling really stressed and miserable recently over a myriad of reasons and to top it all off, I’ve been busy writing assignments for my masters degree so basically blogging’s just had to take a complete back seat!

Because of this, Greg decided to take me on a spontaneous evening out after work to cheer me up. He decided to drive us down to Milford-on-Sea in the New Forest. It was a beautiful, warm Summer’s evening so a perfect opportunity to take photos and to try out my new Olympus camera (Review to follow on this soon…).


As you can see from the photos, you can see the Isle of Wight is a little more than a couple of miles away from the beach. Although it wasn’t open at the time, we decided to have a walk down the beach towards Hurst Castle. I’m not sure how far it was but I think it would have taken a lot less time if we weren’t both stopping to take photos of our surroundings. We didn’t walk all the way down to the Castle as we didn’t have enough time left on our parking ticket to risk it but we got close enough to take a few photos of it with the telephoto Nikon dSLR lens.

Another hour later after bimbling the whole way back, taking even more photos of the beach from a different angle and a breathtakingly stunning sunset, we decided to pop in to the beachfront bar seeing as we hadn’t actually eaten since lunchtime at that point! We only just managed to arrive in time as they were just calling last orders.

I decided to order a baked mini camembert, stuffed with garlic and served with deliciously warm bread, as well as some sweet potato fries to go with it. Greg decided to order a double cheeseburger and fries as he likes to take advantage of ordering meats when we’re out due to not being able to eat them very often at home. Once we had finished our meals, we both decided to order a pudding. I ordered a summer fruits pavlova whilst he ordered an apple crumble. Both tasted absolutely delicious, although I would say that the pavlova was a little sweet for me. However, this was probably due to their very generous portions and when you’re not a huge pudding fan it can be an awful lot. Although that’s not me complaining as it was very nice all the same.

We both washed our food down with a pint of Amstel and got to watch the last of the sunset which wasn’t a bad way to spend an evening at all. The staff were also lovely and friendly and the menu contained a wide variety of different authentic foods. it was also very sophisticated inside so we felt a little underdressed but it didn’t seem to bother anyone.

I’m still currently trying to get back in to the mojo of blogging but having an evening out like that most definitely cheered me up and made me feel less stressed!


Do you enjoy spontaneous evening trips out? 


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