Dinner at no. 5 Bridge Street

Recently I was invited to try the menu at No. 5 Bridge Street, in Winchester. It’s a restaurant that I’ve wanted to try for a while and as Greg was unavailable, I brought my sister with me. Here’s what we both thought of it…

lebellelavie - Dinner at no. 5 Bridge Street

A couple of weeks ago, I was kindly invited to try a selection of food that was on offer at Winchester’s No. 5 Bridge Street restaurant*. I, of course, accepted this offer as I always love trying new food and finding new places to eat. Initially, Greg was going to come with me but decided to run away a Viking that weekend instead so I took my one of my sisters with me instead.

lebellelavie - Dinner at no. 5 Bridge Street

Having opened in 2011, No. 5 Bridge Street is located in the centre of Winchester and prides itself on having a variety of some of the best food and wines on offer in the South East.  The restaurant has a rustic and sophisticated feel to its layout. Along with its inside and outdoor courtyard area, it creates a fantastic atmosphere for socialising with friends and family for a few drinks or a bite to eat.

lebellelavie - Dinner at no. 5 Bridge Street

The menu boasts a selection of high-quality local meat and vegetarian dishes. We were given a standard menu as we were seated at the table and there was also a specials board located above the fireplace.

lebellelavie - Dinner at no. 5 Bridge Street

The Food

Upon, looking at the menu, each of the dishes is all reasonably priced. The menu recommends ordering 3-4 dishes per person to so that you can share with others and eat them in a tapas style. Flo and I only ordered 5 dishes between the two of us because a) it was an incredibly hot day and we didn’t have much of an appetite and b) because the portion sizes are a decent size that we felt having 3-4 dishes each would be far too much for us! That’s not a complaint at all, I’m just trying to express the point that you get a decent amount of food for the price of each dish.

I’m going to list each dish below with both of our thoughts on it in order to give it a fair and descriptive review:

lebellelavie - Dinner at no. 5 Bridge Street

Aromatic Couscous with Crispy Artichokes and Harissa Labneh:
The couscous was served with pieces of artichoke that had a crisp and tangy taste to them. The sauce it was served with a tangy tomato flavour which worked well together. Being a big fan of couscous, I thoroughly enjoyed this dish.

lebellelavie - Dinner at no. 5 Bridge Street

lebellelavie - Dinner at no. 5 Bridge Street

Scottish Griolles on Toasted Brioche and Tarragon Butter:

The shallots had a correct amount of saltiness to them and tasted beautiful when eaten with the bread and butter it was fried in. The only negative comment I would have to say on this is that it was incredibly rich so a dish that is best served between two.

lebellelavie - Dinner at no. 5 Bridge Street

lebellelavie - Dinner at no. 5 Bridge Street

Bericus Tomatoes, Shallot Baby Gem Salad, served with Fresh Basil and Sherry Vinegar Dressing:

The Bericus Tomatoes tasted like beef tomatoes cut up into neat little chunks, served along with shredded lettuce and fresh basil leaves. The dish had a sherry vinegar dressing on it which gave it a mildly spicy but tangy taste. Although I personally love salad and find it quite refreshing on a hot summer’s day, a lot of people find it boring but the way this dish was prepared would make most people enjoy having a salad.

lebellelavie - Dinner at no. 5 Bridge Street

Parsnip Tart Tatin, Cumin Honey and Whipped Feta:

The parsnip tart wasn’t what you would consider a traditional tart as it wasn’t covered in pastry. It was molded together in a tomato sauce with a cumin honey glazing, topped with whipped feta. The cumin honey gave it an incredibly sweet twang but the parsnips and tomato sauce gave it an equally weighted savoury flavour and the feta complimented it with a creamy flavour. It all worked well together and was incredibly tasty.

lebellelavie - Dinner at no. 5 Bridge Street

The Pudding

Although we were both incredibly full and perfectly satisfied with the dishes that we had just eaten, we both decided to try a pudding. Flo decided to order the Dark Chocolate Mousse, served with banana, peanut butter and milk. The puddings all sounded delicious so I had trouble deciding which one to choose. I eventually decided to go for the Orange and Cinnamon Rice Pudding, served with yoghurt sorbet.

lebellelavie - Dinner at no. 5 Bridge Street

I’m not really a fan of chocolate flavoured things so only tried a spoonful of Flo’s mousse. Flo really enjoyed it though but she likes chocolate flavoured puddings, so if you do too then you will probably enjoy it. The rice pudding, on the other hand, was absolutely delicious. The orange and the cinnamon in it gave it a nice subtle sweet taste which was perfect for someone that isn’t a fan overly sweet food like me.

lebellelavie - Dinner at no. 5 Bridge Street


Unfortunately, as I was driving, I couldn’t sample any alcoholic drinks so I decided to check out the mocktail collection that was on offer. I decided to go with a Virgin Mojito as I always have a soft spot for Mojitos if I’m drinking alcoholic cocktails. The Mojito was mixed well and tasted exactly like a real Mojito just minus the slight distinct alcoholic taste.

lebellelavie - Dinner at no. 5 Bridge Street

Flo decided to order an alcoholic cocktail by going for a Cosmopolitan. I only had a couple of sips of Flo’s Cosmo but it had a sharp, citrus taste that wasn’t overly sweet and had a pretty colour to it.


We both really enjoyed our experience of what No. 5 Bridge Street had to offer and I would be more than happy to return another time for a date night with Greg or just for a social catch up with friends. All the staff was friendly and service was quick but the restaurant was reasonably empty so I couldn’t comment on this if it was packed. There wasn’t any food or drinks that disappointed us in the slightest and even thinking about it making my mouth water slightly as it was so good!

lebellelavie - Dinner at no. 5 Bridge Street

As I like to give honest reviews, the only bad point I could give is that it was a little confusing which dishes were vegetarian-friendly as they didn’t have a V marked next to them. Other than that, I can’t fault the restaurant in any other way.

Have you tried No. 5 Bridge Street?

*Complimentary meal, all opinions my own.

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