Skin Care with Hello Skin

Skin Care with Hello Skin

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a company called Hello Skin* and very kindly asked if I would like to try some of the products that they had to offer. Of course, I said yes as I’m always on the hunt for Holy Grail skin care products. I was given the choice of selecting up to three products, so I tried choosing products that I could encompass in to my everyday skin care regime.

Who are Hello Skin?

In case you’re wondering who Hello Skin are, I’ve written a brief summary of who they which you can read below.

Hello Skin are an online webstore, specialising in researching skin conditions and recommending products specifically suited to those conditions. Prior to their official launch in July 2016, they initially started out by conducting research on the psoriasis skin condition and then test products that were able to target the condition. The reason for this was because they felt that there were a distinct lack of products widely available on the market so therefore decided to source non-prescription products that would genuinely help the condition of psoriasis. Since then, they have expanded on the amount of products that they offer that also target other skin conditions such as dry, acne and eczema.

When you first click on to the website the homepage will ask you which of these conditions you suffer with. I chose acne as my skin tends to be incredibly oily and acne prone although not as bad as it once was, mind you! I then chose three products that specifically related to my facial oily skin condition.


Dermalex Acne Treatment

Out of the three products this was probably my least favourite. I was drawn to it by the description stating that it was suitable for people with mild acne which is probably how I would most likely describe my skin. Now judging that I have quite sensitive skin due to certain products causing my skin to break out, I am always slightly weary of trying new products. Although I wouldn’t describe this as causing my face to significantly break out it did cause some redness and a few blemishes to appear on my skin. I would probably say that that’s more likely due to my skin being sensitive than the actual product so if you’re thinking of trying it, don’t necessarily go off my skin as being a reason not to.

The actual product was a moisturiser cream that you just used in the same was as a moisturiser. It felt quite pleasant on the skin and other than the previously mentioned it didn’t cause any other issues with my skin. My skin also felt less greasy wearing this so if you suffer from oily, blemish prone skin then this might be for you! It costs £16.99 so not entirely budget friendly but if works for your skin then it’s definitely worth the extra cost!



Biore Deep Cleansing Strip Pores 

I had been eyeing up trying these for a while as I had been reading reviews on them that rated these bad boys as being pretty good, so I jumped at the chance of trying them! I’ve previously used various other brands of nose strips but always find myself disappointed with the results they give but I was actually rather impressed with these strips. They work in the exact same was as any other pore strip; you wet your nose and then place the strip down for 10 minutes and then remove. But the difference with these strips when compared to others is that they actually feel like they remove the grime and dirt from your nose.

I also tested one on Greg’s nose as he suffers from much oilier skin than mine and also has incredibly large pores. The amount of dirt that came off of his nose was astounding and also quite disgusting but it showed that it was working its magic! I decided against taking a photo of the results as I didn’t think it would be particularly appealing to post a photo of that on here. It’s making me feel a bit sick at the thought of it.

Not only does it remove the dirt from your pores, it also leaves your nose feeling soft, smooth, freshly cleaned and like it’s just had a detox. These will cost you around £7.99 so although not the cheapest, I strongly believe that these are worth the extra bit of cash to ensure that they do their job properly!



Hollywood Blemish Spot Treatment

I’m going to be completely honest here and say that I had never heard of this brand before but that I was drawn in by their clever use of words within their branding of “Overnight Magic”. I always like to test out products with wording like that to see if it lives up to its branding or whether it is simply a little misleading and a slight play on words.

The product is a clear gel like texture and that you rub a small amount on the affected area of the skin.

Fortunately for me, I did have a few spots at the time when I started using this product so I had an opportunity to put it to the test of working its “overnight magic”. Although it won’t create magical results of acne to clear skin over one night it did reduce my spots after around three to five nights. I have to say that I was quite impressed with its results as it didn’t just reduce the spots they also actually disappeared so it cleared them up completely.

The only negative comment I have to say about this product that it isn’t exactly cheap with its retail price of £24.99. But seeing as it comes in a 60ml tube, you certainly get a decent amount for your money when most spot treatment products will come in a 15 or 30 ml tube.

Have you bought anything from Hello Skin?



*Although the products were given to me for review, all opinions are my own as I like to give honest reviews.



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