Summer Essentials for under £20

Although autumn is very much fast approaching, summer seems to have made its presence known again recently with the recent sunny weather and warm evenings; something that I thought was long gone! I know it’s probably a bit late in the year to be posting things about summer but seeing as I’ve had this in my drafts for weeks it’s better late than never, eh?

Here’s a selection
of items for under £20 that can help you embrace what’s left of the summer whether
you’re going to a festival, a mini break or a nice relaxing holiday somewhere,
here are a selection of eight different essentials that will be perfect for a
variety of your summer holidays!

Lashes – KISS*

If you want to add some real volume to your lashes then
these will be right up your street! Although they’re a tad on the heavy side
for everyday use (Unless you fancy going for a very heavy eye look as that
might be your style…) I would recommend them more for an occasion or night out
wear. Another thing to be aware of is that these don’t come with lash glue so
ensure that you either buy some or already have some as there will be nothing
worse than trying to get ready and then finding that you don’t have any!


Nail polish – Leighton Denny*


These blue nail polishes are great for adding some bright
and bold colours to your nails for summer. The brighter blue is what I would
describe as a much more “daytime” colour whilst the other one is much more of
an evening blue. I’ve been using them both on my toe nails to add a bit of
colour to them especially when I’ve been wearing sandals. The nail varnish is
of good quality that lasts for around 5 days so enough time to match several
outfits with it.


Glitter Dust – Barry M


I saw these beautiful glitters in an edition of Boots
Magazine a couple of months ago and thought that they would be perfect for
festival make up or even a night out as we can all bring out our inner
Tinkerbell or Elsa with these! The silvery glitter is a much finer glitter than
the pink but both are beautiful nonetheless. They stick quite well to the skin
but be warned when using your finger that the glitter will stick to it!


Bronzing lotion – ASDA


I’m not really one for fake tanning as I’m so pale and I
used to use bronzing lotions back in my college days which resulted in me
having very streaky legs! However, seeing as I got sunburnt a few weeks ago and
it’s kind of faded in to a tan, I thought I had better even out my pasty white
milk bottles that are referred to as legs. After doing a little research in to
what are the best tanning lotions for those with pale skin, I discovered a blog
post from Forever Amber who also suffers from incredibly pale skin and suggested Asda’s own
bronzing lotion.


As it only costs around £3.50 I thought that there was no harm in
giving it a go! You know that old saying “Less is more”? Well, I’ve found that
this applies to this tanning lotion. In order to give my legs some colour, I’m
only needing a squirt from the bottle on my thighs and calves. All you need to
do is apply it like you would a moisturiser and then it sinks in to the skin.
It only gave me a minimal amount of colour to just take the pastiness off of my
legs and make them look a little healthier which is exactly what I wanted it to
do. If you have darker skin than me then perhaps you could get away with
applying a little more but for the price of it, I’m pretty happy with the

Lipsticks – Joan Collins*


These beauties are priced at £18. But how could you not resist these!? The packaging is a beautiful gold
colour that has a vintage feel to it. Although that probably is a given
considering they are part of the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Collection. There
is a complete selection of timeless classic colours in this range varying from
nudes and baby pinks to deep reds. These two specifically are a bright pink and
a baby pink colour which are both perfect for spring and summer outfits. The
lipstick glides on the lips easily and can be worn with or without a lip
pencil. Depending upon how quickly I’m applying my make up, I find that I can
just use the lipstick itself to outline my lips and it can still give them a
defined edge. Although you will likely need to reapply the lipstick several
times during the day, the actual colour stays on the lips well and leaves them
feeling well moisturised. The only reason you need to reapply is due to it
transferring when you drink or eat but it only causes the lipstick to fade
slightly. It simply just depends how bright you want your lips to look. We all
need some timeless classic lipsticks in our make-up collections so I thoroughly
recommend investing in some of these as they will not disappoint!


So? Body Mist – So?*


I was invited to the press launch of the So? Body spritz for
Superdrug (You can read it here) for their pre-launch last September and when I
attended the Blogosphere event a few months ago, I was given a goodie bag of
samples of their spring launch for Boots. These spritz have a selection of
floral, fresh and sweet scents and are perfect scents for summer. They fit
easily in your handbag and last for ages so you can’t go wrong for £1.98!


Sunglasses – ASDA


(So I was a complete idiot and forgot to take a photo of these or include them in the initial photos but I’ve included a link above!) Do you constantly lose your sunglasses so have to invest in
a new pair every year? Yeah, me too and because of this exact reason, I often
end up buying a new pair every year. This year, I snapped up this pair from
ASDA for £4. They look like they are of higher quality than they feel but they
don’t feel cheap enough that they will break easily. I quite often just shove
them in my handbag along with my purse and house keys, etc. and they haven’t
broken or gotten scratched. So for £4 and if they only last this season, you
can’t really go wrong!

Straighteners – Primark


Going away for a mini break but can only pack light? That
usually means the GHDs go out the window! Although I have naturally straight
hair, I do like to straighten my fringe as there’s nothing worse than having
awful kinks in it where it sticks out the wrong way! I found these bad boys in
Primark the other day for grand total of £5. They are mini, light, heat up
relatively quick and perfect for shoving in a small bag for a weekend away
somewhere. The only downside I would say about them is that as they are so tiny
and when you have thick hair like me it will probably take longer to straighten
your whole hair but that is something that can be overlooked when you’re
packing light. For £5, you can’t really go wrong!


What items have been your summer essentials?



*PR samples but all opinions are my own.







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