Embracing the last of summer with Tobi Clothing

Although it’s still technically classed as summer, autumn is starting to make its presence known with the slightly cooler weather and autumnal transition steadily rolling in. But as we are currently still having the odd warm, sunny day here and there, I am fully embracing these days to still get some wear out of my summer clothing before autumn properly sets in. A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Tobi Clothing* and asked if I would like to try some of their clothing. After having a browse of their website and a few items caught my eye, I chose a number of items for them to send to me.

Who are Tobi Clothing?


The Tobi clothing company originates from Los Angles and its clothing designs are influenced from their sunny, beach surroundings. The clothing is designed to make the consumer feel confident, beautiful and sexy but also in keeping with current fashion trends.

Here is what I chose…

Into The Wild Maxi Set


Tobi clothing, fashion, summer, outfit

Tobi clothing, fashion, summer, outfit

I’ve had my eye on purchasing a maxi dress or skirt for a while as although they aren’t always overly flattening on small people they have a sense of sophistication about them, can be dressed up or dressed down and can keep you warm or cool depending upon the weather outside!

Although this is advertised as a dress it’s basically a skirt with a wrap knot top. The skirt part is pretty high waisted and sits nice and snug on the waist. The top part is almost like a short-sleeved cardigan prior to wearing it but once you put it on, you wrap it around your bust as tight as you like then tie it in a knot at the back so it, therefore, forms a matching top.

Neither of the pieces of clothing is restricting (And I should know having walked around Paris in them!) and do not have a tendency to come loose either which is always a bonus. Both pieces of clothing are made from quite thin, single pieces of material which is fine for summer clothing as let’s be honest it’s not really a winter outfit!

Being on the smaller side of the height scale, length of maxi dresses and skirts can be an issue for me with that they are too long and look ridiculous. This outfit though was a perfect length for me, as you can see, the skirt came around to my ankles so it meant I didn’t suffer from any embarrassing “tripping over my skirt” moments.

Tobi clothing, fashion, summer, outfit, blogger

Tobi clothing, fashion, summer, outfit, blogger

Promise Copper Lace Romper

Tobi clothing, fashion, summer, outfit, blogger

This playsuit looked beautiful on the model on Tobi’s website but I’m not really sure of it on me. I feel like it makes me look a bit short and stumpy and would suit someone of a much taller and slender physique than me. If you wanted to wear it for an every day look, I’d recommend wearing a top over your bust area to prevent any embarassing and unexpected nip slips.

The playsuit would be perfect to take on summer’s holiday for the beach or by the pool as it’s so easy to take off and put back on. It is also made of lightweight material thus making it dry out pretty quickly.


Tobi clothing, fashion, summer, outfit, blogger

Santeria Block Floral Blouse


Tobi clothing, fashion, summer, outfit, blogger

This top is exactly the same style as the top that came with the dress set but just obviously has a different pattern. I’m not usually fan of having my mid drift out as I feel my stomach is a little on the podgy and flabby side currently but for the purpose of these photos and to show the style of the top, I decided to wear my jeans with it.

It would look great with a high waisted pair of shorts, jeans or a skirt. I’ve also been styling it with a black strappy top underneath it so it blends in with the top and I don’t have to have my midriff on show.

Tobi clothing, fashion, summer, outfit, blogger

Tobi clothing, fashion, summer, outfit, blogger

What did I think?

Overall, I really liked the clothing. Although we’re going in to the colder months now so I won’t have that many more days wear out of them, they will be perfect for outfits for a summer holiday or just the summer months in general when you don’t want to be wearing too much clothing. Tobi also have a vast selection of clothing on offer for all occasions so when I’m next investing in some new clothes, I will definitely be having a browse at their website!

If you live in the UK, standard shipping is free and it arrives within 3 – 5 working days. Tobi are currently offering 50% off of your order.


Have you bought clothing from Tobi before?

*Although these were sent to me for a review, all opinions are my own.

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