10 Songs I’ve Been Listening To This Week – #1

10 Songs I’ve Been Listening To This Week – #1

10 Songs I’ve Been Listening To This Week – #1


While I was sat in the barber’s shop the other day, waiting for Greg to get his hair cut and listening to Youtube on my phone, I had a sudden thought to myself about starting a weekly blog post on 10 songs I’ve enjoyed listening to that week.

Music plays a big part in my life, although perhaps not as much as it used to, I very much enjoy searching through Youtube/Spotify/iTunes for podcasts and new music to listen to and have done since I was a teenager.

Although I kind of got out of the habit of doing this when I was at uni and I’m not really sure why. But as I now work in a very small and quiet office and spend quite a lot of the day sat by myself, I’ve gotten back into the habit of finding something to listen to as I hate sitting there in silence and music actually helps me concentrate better.

So here comes in my idea of finding 10 songs a week that I’ve enjoyed during the working week to then share on ye olde blog. I’ve decided that I’m going to choose 10 songs from any genre and any decade, so expect some golden oldies and some newbies!

Rather than me keep rambling on, how about I get started on my 10 songs I’ve enjoyed this week? These aren’t presented in any kind of order of which I like most but rather as a collective 10 songs overall.

#10: Morrissey – Spent the Day in Bed

When I first heard this on Radio 2, I really wasn’t sure if I liked it that much but after giving it a few listens it’s grown on me a lot and has constantly been on repeat over the last week. Having been a huge Morrissey/Smiths’ fan for the majority of my life, I always say that I prefer his early solo stuff up until You are the Quarry then I’m not as overly keen on his later stuff. However, this has made me change my mind and that Mozzer is on top form and I’m very much looking forward to the release of his new album Low in High School. This song can be added to the list of Morrissey’s witty lyrics and dry sense of humour and perhaps can be perceived as portraying some of his political stance on the World currently with Trump vs. North Korea, Brexit and the term “fake news” being tossed around like there’s no tomorrow.

#9: The Killers – Smile Like You Mean It

A classic from my early teenage years that randomly popped into my head the other day and I was like, “yeah, let’s go back down memory lane and give old-school Killers a listen!” And if I’m honest, I’m not a huge fan of the current Killers musical style, I’m much more into their old school early noughties music. This probably being my favourite song of theirs. It makes me reminisce the days of Myspace and Emos and Scene Kids were at the height of their reign.

#8: Liam Gallagher – Wall of Glass

I really can’t stand the Gallaghers, although despite liking a few Oasis songs, I think they’re overrated. However, I actually really like this song as it’s catchy and some of the better “indie” music that’s currently out there. What’s considered indie today doesn’t do it for me, soz not soz. I kept hearing it on BBC Radio 2, on my drive home from work and instantly knew it was Liam Gallagher from his very distinct voice, which works well with the prominent guitar riffs. I’m sure his new album is one my Dad will buy as he’s a big Oasis fan, so maybe I’ll borrow the album off of him to see how I feel about the rest of his music.

#7: Morrissey – I wish you Lonely

Another recent release of Morrissey’s forthcoming album and another fine example of Morrissey being on top form It appears that Morrissey’s aiming for a bit of a retro stance in this song due to the feature of pop-synth throughout the song. According to Rolling Stone, the song is looking at “selfishness as a mode of self-preservation” due to such lyrics as “Tombs are full of fools who gave their lives upon command of monarchs, oligarchs, heads of state, and potentate”. If properly listen to the lyrics, you can see what Rolling Stone means and it sounds like a very Morrissey thing to do.

#6: White Lies – Mother Tongue

White Lies have been on my radar since I was at college as one of my best friends introduced them to me. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them live at Glastonbury in either 2013 or 2014 and had kind of forgotten about them until last year when I rewatched Gossip Girl, and a number of their songs featured on the soundtrack. Since then, I’ve gotten back into them and they’ve very much become a firm favourite, if not my favourite, current existing band.  If you’re a fan of Joy Division. The Smiths and Depeche Mode then these guys will probably be right up[ your street as you can hear the influence in their music that they draw from them.

#5: Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do

One of T-Swizzle’s recent releases of her forthcoming album which I know a lot of people are of mixed opinion of. I, on the other hand, actually prefer her more recent pop releases to her older country music and this is no exception. It might sound like generic pop with none of the distinctive talent that TayTay has but it’s cheesy, catchy, mainstream-pop and I love it. When I first heard it, I had it on solid repeat so may or may not almost know all the lyrics to it (No shame whatsoever!). Although a lot of her longer fans may not be so keen for the release of her new album, I actually am and will hopefully be buying it on payday as long as I have the money for it.

#4: Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending

Franz Ferdinand were another one of my favourite bands of the mid-noughties and one that I had forgotten about until recently until I saw that they have recently released a new single. This new song appears to have taken a different approach to their older distinctive guitar riffs and instead of taking more of an EDM/pop influence with the usual Franz Ferdinand sound. I’m very much looking forward to the release of their new album in February.

#3: Awolnation – Sail

A song that always reminds me of uni parties as it was one of those that everyone loved and was always played. I rediscovered it earlier this week and felt so much nostalgia from it. If you don’t know this song then you will probably recognise it due to its popularity of being featured on movie and TV show adverts. The song has a dominant feature of synth-rock and a one-word chorus but it’s a great song nevertheless.

#2: Eminem feat. Rhianna – The Monster

Another song collab with Marshall Mathers a.k.a Eminem and Rhianna. This was another song that came out when I was at uni. Listening to the lyrics, I’m going to assume this song is about relapsing but I could be wrong. Likewise, with a lot of Eminem’s later albums discussing his road to recovery and relapse, the lyrics to this song appear to be quite deep but feature a catchy pop melody, along with featuring Rhianna singing the chorus, thus making it quite upbeat and mainstream pop.

#1: B.O.B – Ghost in the Machine

I’m not an overly big fan of B.O.B but a lot of his upbeat songs remind me of my drives to college when we’d be listening to radio back in the early 2010s of this decade. Although I don’t actually remember when this song was released but I initially discovered it in an episode of Gossip Girl and thought, “Oooh, I like that!”. I would describe this as one of B.O.B’s less upbeat songs as the lyrics describe the feeling of feeling hopeless and lost. Quite a relatable song if you’re feeling a bit down with where you’re going with your life.

I hope that this was kind of enjoyable to read as quite liked writing this post up and will be trying to keep this up in the future.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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