The End Of An Era = New Beginnings

The End Of An Era = New Beginnings

The end of an era = new beginnings

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Seeing as it’s been well over two months since my last post, I thought it was about time I got round to actually writing one! If you have read my blog before, you may have noticed a change of name and a little style revamp as I’ve decided to rebrand my blog and have a new layout to go with it in the process. Although I’m sure the title The End Of An Era = New Beginnings kind of gives that away.

Basically, it’s goodbye, Just Belle and hello, Le Belle La Vie!

So why a change?

The last six months or so, I had gotten incredibly bored with being constantly on social media and had just simply fallen out of love with blogging. I’ve also been insanely busy and whenever I’ve had time to sit down and blog, I just didn’t really want to.

I had a serious thought about as to why this was and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t that I didn’t like blogging anymore but that I didn’t like blogging under the name Just Belle. 

If I’m brutally honest, I don’t think I was ever that keen on it but I wanted to make something short and punchy that related to me and wasn’t a “lengthy, hipster” blog name much like my college and university blog names.

I also started wanting to purely write about fashion and beauty because that’s two things I love and what “everyone else seemed to write about so I could fit in”. Both of those things are still two things I very much love (and much of my masters’ assignments have focused on fashion) but I simply cannot afford to buy new makeup and clothes every month to warrant being classed as a “fashion and beauty blogger”.

The number of products I’ve bought because XYZ blogger has raved about them which I’ve then tried and not thought much of it is ridiculous. I’ve recently been having a clear out and thrown out so many things that I didn’t need.

What kind of content can you expect to see?

I can see in the last year, I’ve focused less and less on this and as much as I still want to feature fashion and beauty posts, I’d also like to carry on featuring general life, days out and food posts. I’d also like to write more about my career goals, movies/TV/books I’m currently enjoying, my time as an undergrad and a postgrad student, and last but not least, write more on “budget-friendly” vegetarian recipes.

After taking all of this into consideration, I’ve split my categories into primary categories and then into sub-categories so that they appear neater overall and hopefully it is much easier to navigate.

Why Le Belle La Vie?

After having a serious thought about what to rename my blog, I really didn’t like the idea of using my name as I’m not overly fond of it, so I decided to keep Belle in the name. After looking at one of my favourite Lancome perfume bottles La Vie Est Belle, I thought maybe something in French would not only sound a little unique and different but also be in keeping with Isabelle seeing as it’s the French spelling.

After doing some digging, I like the saying Belle La Vie as it translated in to “beautiful life” but unfortunately that was already taken by a beauty salon. So in order to not get confused with that, I decided to simply and le on the front of it thus meaning Le Belle La Vie was born!

Blogger >>> WordPress

For a while now, I had kind of been fed up with not having a lot of sway over what I could edit and the overall image of my blog on Blogger. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a fab little platform for when you’re starting up but I just wanted something that was easier to edit and change the layout of. I also felt that I had just outgrown it and I wanted something that I could revamp easily and give a fun and engaging makeover.

I had been umming and arring over the idea of moving over to WordPress for a while but it looked too complex for both Greg and I to do, as well as something that would take an awful long time! Plus the high chance of something going wrong which would have probably been more than likely.

Seeing as I used to use WordPress at college and uni, I’m not really sure why I switched. I think it was because it was simple and easy to navigate and it was what most people were using at the time I set up this blog.

Seeing as I already had a Pipdig layout that I was very fond of on Blogger, I decided to pay the dollar and pass it into the safe hands of Phil at Pipdig to switch it all over for me. From start to finish, it took him about two to three days and I am honestly so happy with the result.

It was quick, simple and painless! I even got to choose a new layout as you can see. So big up to Phil on that one, I’d definitely recommend any day!

I don’t think I need to ramble on any further than that on where I want to go or what I don’t want to do anymore as I’ve featured all that above, so I think it calls for me to end the post here.

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