An Afternoon walk out in Hale Purlieu

An Afternoon walk out in Hale Purlieu

lebellelavie - Hale Purlieu- feet in leaves

lebellelavie - Hale Purlieu logs

You might be wondering where on earth Hale Purlieu even is? Well, it’s located in the New Forest and is a part of the land owned by the National Trust. And if you’re really interested, you can find a walk located there on the National Trust website here.

lebellelavie - Hale Purlieu- open scenic views lebellelavie - Hale Purlieu-more views of trees and shrubbery

I recently had a nice three day weekend but one of those days I was stuck in finishing off a uni assignment and the other I was just sat in the house, catching up on TV and waiting for a parcel delivery for Greg. So I don’t really count it as a “YAY! THREE DAY WEEKEND!” kind of way as by Sunday, I was feeling a bit ratty that I hadn’t really left the house in a couple of days.

lebellelavie - Hale Purlieu-tree and shrubland lebellelavie - Hale Purlieu-more shurbbery lebellelavie - Hale Purlieu-trees and electricity pylon

To solve this issue, I dragged Greg out for a walk so I could get some fresh air and take some photos of the outdoors. I don’t know about you, but one method I use when I need to let off some steam is to go for a walk and to clear my head and blow out any cobwebs. It gives me an escapism from the woes of everyday life and a chance to shut off from social media and anything else that keeps me locked inside and glued to a screen. I get to appreciate what’s around me and feel more refreshed when heading back to work.

I also love this time of year as it’s autumn just makes the nature around you all quite magical and beautiful so it’s very hard for me not to just run outside and take all the photographs when I can, of course.

lebellelavie - Hale Purlieu-tree and shurbbery lebellelavie - Hale Purlieu-open area lebellelavie - Hale Purlieu-shrubbery

Once we got there, we didn’t walk the full walk as Greg was complaining his knee hurt (He has some issues with it so isn’t just being lazy) and wasn’t in an overly great mood due to other reasons which aren’t really my place to discuss. Once I had got a few snaps and felt that my need for fresh air had been satisfied, we decided to start making our way back to the car.

lebellelavie - Hale Purlieu- more new forest horses and ponies lebellelavie - Hale Purlieu-new forest pony

But first, I had to stop to take some photos of the ponies as there was a big cluster of them along the roadside. The New Forest is renowned for its horses so it’s a common occurrence to see them along the roadside or while on a walk.

lebellelavie - Hale Purlieu-new forest wild horses lebellelavie - Hale Purlieu- new forest horse lebellelavie - Hale Purlieu-new forest ponies

I want to go again soon as it’s so pretty and I love going for walks down there and exploring more of the Forest.


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