Express yourself with Old English Company

Express yourself with Old English Company

Slogans. Whether you love them or hate them they are currently everywhere on clothing, homeware, stationary and accessories and they are here to stay for the foreseeable future it would seem. And Old English Company currently have a great range of slogan products such as their pin enamel badges…

Personally, I have a bit of a soft spot for slogans which I guess is kind of a given when you’re an advertising student? The amount of screenshots or photos I currently have on my phone of slogans I think are fantastic is ridiculous. Slogans are great for expressing yourself and trying to convey something you feel passionate about without literally screaming it in someone’s face. If you scroll through Instagram, it’s hard not to find at least one image that contains an item with a slogan written on it.

The end of an era = new beginnings

People are more likely to be drawn to pretty images and slogans than they are to an amount of text – I know I am! Like I say, slogans are great for expressing how you feel and showing off your personality in your photos. If I want to express how I feel in blog or Instagram photos then I’m a sucker for finding stationary with slogans that can relate to said post.

But what about those times we want to express ourselves but aren’t wanting to carry stationary around with us (Which isn’t always practical, of course!) and perhaps can’t wear slogan clothing on a daily basis?

I know I can’t as I work in an office, so as much as I can (Depending on the slogan) get away with slogan stationary, I can’t get away with rocking up at the office at 8:30am, on a Monday morning, wearing a slogan tee no matter how much I try and dress it up.

This is where Old English Company* come to the rescue by creating a range of pin badges which can easily be pinned to various pieces of clothing and yet not be too obvious in scenarios that would be deemed inappropriate. I could quite easily get away with pinning a selection of their pins to my bag or jacket without being told off for breaking the company dress code and yet, I’m still able to express myself but in a more subtle way on a daily basis during work hours.

The No Sleep Gang” and “The Coffee For Life” pins are most definitely my favourite and most relatable to me as I’m quite often reliant on a black coffee or maybe three at work due to my lack of sleep because of my busy lifestyle, which consists of not only studying a masters and working full-time but also trying to cram in regular exercise and a life outside all of this.

If you would like to see what other pins the Old English Company have to offer then you can find them here.

And if youlove what Old English Company have to offer then why not enter their competition to win your own set of slogan enamel pins? If you want to enter then go, go, go as the competition closes on 30th May!

lebellelavie - old english company enamel pin competition

*Old English Company are giving me a voucher for their website in exchange for promoting their competition

Have you bought any of Old English Company’s products before? What’s your favourite from their enamel pin range? 

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