Did you know that May is National Walking Month?

Did you know that May is National Walking Month?

According to the NHS, in order to stay healthy, adults aged between 19 and 64 years of age need to be doing two types of physical exercise twice a week. And seeing as May is National Walking Month, here’s why you should be getting out and doing exercise…

Firstly, I’m going to put it out there that in no way am I an outdoor blogger and nor am I about to start diverting off into becoming one. I like posting about whatever I fancy and during the summer months and weekends, I enjoy taking my phone or camera out with me, and just going for a bike ride or walk, and enjoying the natural scenic beauty surrounding me.

le belle la vie

My love of just enjoying the outdoors stems from being in the Sea Cadets where I would jump at the chance to do anything expedition training related, until I started working at weekends of course, and seeing as I hold all three D of E awards and the Ten Tors 45 mile award, I feel like I have some idea about walking without sounding like I’m blowing my own trumpet at all.

However, these days I’m probably more of a novice considering that my expedition training days were a good seven or eight years ago since I’ve done anything related to either award.

Anyhoo, I also have a love for living in a town or city as I like having those home comforts on my doorstep but on the weekends and evenings when I just want to slow down a little and relax that’s when I enjoy going for walks and cycling.

Photos for the ‘gram?

As I’ve previously mentioned, the main part of it for me is taking my camera out with me and thinking about all those amazing shots I can get for the ‘gram.

Is that sad?


But it gets me out and walking or cycling. Doing exercise, trying to keep fit and staying active.

And that’s something you can do too.

As I say, it’s been a long time since I’ve done any proper walking other than the occasional walk in the Lake District or the New Forest but these are simply me just Googling a route or relying on Greg to take me on a route that he knows from his many years of walking the Lakes.

Whenever I fancy getting out of the house, I will Google local parks and walks to me and see what the magic of the interwebs comes up with. Even if it means driving for 30 minutes from where I live, I’m willing to do that just to get out and walk somewhere new, to enjoy nature and the beauty it has to offer.

The best thing about going walking somewhere is that it’s free. Even if you live in the middle of nowhere or prefer being a fair weather walker, getting out the house for a quick 10+ minute walk will make you feel so much better.

Even if I don’t feel like going for a walk, I think to myself about all the lovely photos I could be taking if I get out of the house.

I also find going for a walk, cycling or just doing a workout creates a positive impact on my mood resulting in me feeling quite happy and content. I recently wrote a blog post on this with how it helps look after my mental health, which you can read here.

The perfect opportunity for listening to music:

Another great reason for keeping active and going outside is that it gives you an excuse to grab your headphones and to listen to that new album, song or artist that you currently love on repeat. Yeah, I’m totally not one of those people that play a song, which I currently love, on repeat until I start to hate it…

It’s an excuse to socialise:

Haven’t seen a friend in a while?

Plan a walk together as it’s a great way to have a catch up as well as being active and maybe being a little healthier by not meeting up at a coffee shop and drinking a coffee pumped full of sugar or eating sugary snacks.

lebellelavie - national walking month

Have a competition with yourself on how many steps you can achieve in a day:

Again, perhaps it’s a bit sad of me but I recently set my Fitbit daily steps to 12,000 as it was initially on 8,000 but I continuously smashed this target every day and it was just getting a bit tedious as I wasn’t really finding it challenging. Although, the 10,000 steps regime isn’t so widely favoured any more but by aiming to do 12,000 a day it just pushes me over the recommended daily amount of steps.

But if you don’t have a Fitbit then there’s always…

The Active 10:

Is an app recommended by the NHS. Instead of walking 10,000 steps a day it encourages users to take a brisk ten-minute walk, three times a day as it has been suggested that it has more health benefits than the 10,000 steps.

And if you’re not convinced by my reasonings to stay active then maybe these health benefits published in The Telegraph will:

  1. Walking fights Dementia

  2. It cuts the risk from dying of Cancer

  3. It helps your heart

  4. It will improve your mood

  5. Walking has the potential to boost your Vitamin D

Feeling inspired yet?

Most of the photos I’ve included in this post have been uploaded to my Instagram, so if you fancy having a nosy through it, you can do so here.

There’s also these articles that have some great suggestions on the benefits of keeping fit as well as some fun and interesting ways to do so:

Do you have any tips on keeping active or any recommendations on where to go walking/cycling?

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