The Body Shop VIP Event Southampton

The Body Shop VIP Event Southampton

The Body Shop. A brand that is renowned for selling cosmetics, skincare and perfume products which opt for creating products made from natural products and heavily campaigns against animal testing.

And a couple of weeks ago the Southampton store ran a Bloggers & YouTubers Event which I was very kindly invited* to thanks to Alice and Soton Bloggers.

Unfortunately, I missed the first five minutes of the event as despite leaving work early, I had to pick my car up from its MOT around rush hour which doesn’t make it easy for getting across Southampton at that time but there we are. Luckily I didn’t miss too much though.

On arrival, we were welcomed with a selection of snacks and a glass of fizz. I had to opt for a soft drink due to driving as ya know, it’s frowned upon for drink-driving but it was very nice nevertheless. To start the evening off with, we were given a tour around the store of the various selections and were then given an introduction to some of the new product range releases by one of the Body Shop’s skincare specialists.

We were introduced to their new Himalayan Charcoal Face Mask and Charcoal Purifying Facial Soap and the expansion of their hair range to include Strawberry Shampoo and Conditioner. Now if the body washes are anything to go by then this is going to be amazing! Who doesn’t love the smell of Body Shop products!?

It was also explained to us that the Body Shop have teamed up with the Red Panda Network to help reforest degraded habitats for the Red Pandas to provide a natural habitat for them and to prevent them from becoming extinct. And how are we able to help this cause? By buying products from their new Himalayan range as a donation will be given to the Red Panda Network from every sale of a product from that range.

We were then given the chance to have a browse around the store to have a look at anything we may like to purchase and given a generous 30% off all products in the store.

There were also a number of Body Shop Consultants offering demonstrations of how products worked and how they could benefit you. I didn’t partake in this as there were a number of people in front of me and it was slightly crowded so I had a browse around the store instead. The staff were also incredibly friendly and happy to help with any questions that we had about any of the products.

I decided to take advantage of the 30% reduction as I love Body Shop products and there were a few products catching my eye. I was drawn towards the Ginger Shampoo as it was stating it was an anti-dandruff product and annoyingly, I suffer from bad dandruff when I have long hair which can cause me to become really self-conscious of it considering my hair is relatively dark thus making it quite visible if its bad. I also bought a couple of makeup brushes, a hairbrush and one of the red panda headbands.

We were also each given a goodie bag* that contained £30 worth of products which was incredibly generous. There were so many more products I could have easily exchanged my more of my recent paycheck for but I decided to keep my sensible hat on and spend a reasonable amount of money. However, I do have my eye on the Smoky Rose perfume as it smelt beautiful and very much a perfume I would wear. A bottle will be mine in the not-so-distant future!

I haven’t actually gotten round to testing out the products in my goodie bag as of yet due to having to move and having limited space, so there are no featured photos of them, unfortunately.

It was also really lovely to see Alice again, who I’ve met on several occasions and finally meet Kristy in person other than just frequently chatting on Twitter.

As I was paying, Kristy and I were talking to one of the members of staff and she explained to us that they hoped to make this a regular thing. I hope so as I really enjoyed the evening and thought it was really well put together so would love to attend another one in the future.

Fancy checking out the new Body Shop ranges for yourself? Then take a look here.

Have you tried any of the new Body Shop products? 

*Gifted items as part of the event. All opinions my own.

All of my images from the evening are listed below:

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